“Mirrorball” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift uses “Mirrorball” to portray herself as a mirror ball, a mirror-like object which is often hung atop a dance floor at discos to reflect light and create a mood of excitement. Like this object, the singer admits that instead of being herself, she tries to understand and do things to please people.

Using the mirror ball metaphor, the singer could also be alluding to the fact that her music causes people to reveal different versions of themselves. As she mentions getting a person on the dance floor, she is likely making a reference to her upbeat music which gets even the quietest people excited and ready to let loose on the dance floor. She however points out that though she has a habit of keeping people entertained, she is emotionally fragile and almost impossible to mend when she gets heartbroken.

The subsequent lyrics maintain the concept of the singer adjusting herself to be relevant to all kinds of people. Like a circus worker, she continues trying to impress people with her every move despite the criticism. In verse 2, she tells the subject of the song that he is different and caring unlike everyone else who enjoys seeing her perform but rejoices when she is in pain. She however, concludes that somehow, she has lost a sense of her natural self and is stuck at being a people pleaser.


Taylor’s “Mirrorball” centers on a number of things. The most notable is her self-imposed obligation to change or act in order to please people that come her way. Secondly, as a mirrorball, she is telling us that she can help unveil the multiple versions of ourselves.

“Mirrorball” Particulars

Writing and Production: Taylor together with Jack Antonoff
Album: Swift’s number 1 album “Folklore”
Release: July 24th, 2020

Did “Mirrorball” chart?

Yes. It made its debut within the top-40 of Billboard’s “Hot 100”. It actually debuted on this chart at the 26th position.

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