Taylor Swift’s “Invisible String” Lyrics Meaning

In “Invisible String”, Taylor borrows the East Asian legend which describes the “Red String of Fate” as an invisible string which ties two people who are destined to meet together. Taylor explores the possibility of this legend being a reality in her new relationship.

She uses different colors in telling the story of the state of her relationship. For instance, in the first verse, she mentions green which signifies growth or new beginnings, as well as her hope to find a new partner and begin a fresh relationship. In the third verse though, she mentions gold which implies the improvement that has taken place and how she has come to value their bond.

“Invisible String” is about Taylor Swift’s relationship with Joe Alwyn?

Considering the descriptions in the lyrics, it is likely that the singer is mainly speaking about her relationship with Joe Alwyn.

Past Relationship References

Taylor references her past relationships and heartbreaks, including her relationship with Joe Jonas. It should be noted that Taylor possibly sent a baby gift to congratulate Joe on the birth of his first child with his wife.

In Conclusion…

Throughout, Taylor maintains the message that her past failures and heartbreaks were necessary for her to appreciate her current relationship. She evokes a mood of contentment even as she wonders if her new partner is actually her soulmate.

In all, Swift is certain fate plays a primary role in bringing people together.

“Invincible String” Details

Writing: Taylor Swift in association with Aaron Dessner
Production: A. Dessner
Album: Taylor’s “Folklore” album (which is her studio album number 8)
Release: 24th of July, 2020

Was “Invincible String” released as a single?

No. “Folklore” birthed 3 singles. And they are as follows:

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