“August” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s “August” is part of her 2020 surprise album “Folklore”. Just like many of the songs on that project, this song emits a huge amount of youthful romance and love. However, this particular one narrows things down a little bit to a specific theme of romance during the summer. And as we all know, the month of August is one of the summer months. It is for this reason that Taylor titled the song after the summer month in question.

In all, this song finds the speaker taking a walk down memory lane and reminiscing heavily over memories of a youthful love in the summer. And despite the romance not lasting very long, it is clear that the memories of the love are cherished and missed greatly by the singer.

“August slipped away into a moment in time
‘Cause it was never mine”

NOTE: It is important to note that Taylor deliberately prevents listeners from knowing why the summer relationship in this song couldn’t work out. It is in another song titled “Betty“, that she finally let’s readers know exactly what caused the relationship’s demise.

“August” Information

It is the eighth track on Folklore’s track listing. With a runtime of approximately 4 minutes and 21 seconds, it is one of the longest tracks on “Folklore”. Both song and album came out on the same date. And said date was July 24, 2020.

Taylor collaborated with producer and songwriter Jack Antonoff to write and produce “August”. FYI, Antonoff is best known for being a member of such bands as Fun, Steel Train and Bleachers.

Was this a single?

No. “Cardigan“, “Exile” and “Betty” were the only tracks Taylor and her team released as official singles to support the entire project.

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