“Mirrored Heart” by FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs’ “Mirrored Heart” is intended to serve as an ode to the idea of ‘never giving up’ the quest for true love. The title is based on the well-known philosophy that a person’s significant other serves as a reflection of who they are themselves. And basically, FKA uses the term “mirrored heart” to point to the fact that when she sees other happy couples, it reminds her of someone who would logically be her ex. And she goes about questioning this individual’s commitment to her. 

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Indeed seemingly based on her own past romantic experiences, Twigs comes to the conclusion that many people who get mixed up in relationships do so for temporary reasons as opposed to being truly dedicated to their partners.  But once again, past disappointments and present risks are not going to dissuade her from looking for love. And it reads as if her goal may be to reconcile with her ex. For overall, it seems that the vocalist will not be at peace until she finds a “mirrored heart”, i.e. a kindred soul who is prepared to reciprocate her love.

Lyrics of "Mirrored Heart"

FKA Twigs talks about “Mirrored Heart”

In a brief interview on Apple Music, FKA Twigs explained the meaning of “Mirrored Heart”. And here is what she had to say about this song:

Mirrored Heart

Release Date of “Mirrored Heart”

A record label called Young Turks dropped “Mirrored Hearts” on 8 November 2019. The track came out as part of the playlist of Twig’s second full-length album, which is entitled “Magdalene”. Another popular song contained in “Magdalene” is “Cellophane“.

Did FKA Twigs write this song?

Yes. Twigs wrote the song along with a number of songwriters. They are L. Roberts, E. P. Flynn and C. An.

And she also served as a co-producer in conjunction with Koreless.

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