“Holy Terrain” by FKA Twigs (ft. Future)

“Holy Terrain” is a touching song in which FKA Twigs and Future portray two prospective lovers. The expression “holy terrain” is like a metaphor for the fullness of FKA Twigs’ lover, an exclusive realm reserved for a genuine guy, as in a truly committed lover. And she details exactly the types of behavior she expects, which basically boil down to an expectation to be treated respectfully and affectionately. 

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Moreover, as pointed out in the chorus, she wants a man who is not afraid to actually love her. And at first, Future, who plays her romantic interest, comes forth in his usual style of promising to spend excessive amounts of dough to make her happy. But later he breaks down and entreats FKA to accept him as her partner despite his flaws. Moreover, he is hoping that she will assist him in becoming a “stronger” person in general. 

So basically, this song reads like it’s coming from a female who, from a romantic perspective, is tired of being played with, and a man who is tired of being a playa. And apparently, they are bound to meet each other’s need and move forward together as a fruitful unit.

Lyrics of "Holy Terrain"

Production of “Holy Terrain”

This track has an extensive production team. As many as 8 producers/songwriters worked on its production, including FKA Twigs herself. Other notable producers who worked on the production include in Jack Antonoff and Skrillex.

Release Date

The record label behind the publication of “Holy Terrain” is Young Turks.  And the song was officially released on 9 September 2019, to later be featured on Twigs’ album “Magdalene”. FKA Twigs’ popular track “Cellophane” also appears on “Magdalene”.

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