“Monday” by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons’ “Monday” is an ode to Dan Reynolds’ relationship with Aja Volkman, i.e. the woman whom he’s now been married to for over a decade. But of course there’s no proper nouns or anything like that contained therein, thus granting the song a more general applicability. 

Instead as presented, most simply explained this relationship with the addressee is one that the vocalist never grows weary of. Or put differently, he isn’t ashamed to express his love for this special lady, despite “what all the kids say”. So, this is basically your standard love song.

You’re my Monday?

In fact the most unusual part of this piece is that, well the title serves as a metaphor whereas the vocalist is telling the addressee that ‘she is his Monday’. 

And the reason he is saying that is because Dan actually defines Monday as “the best day of the week”, i.e. this particular day being “underrated” and representing “a brand new start”. 

So therefore what he is saying is something like outsiders also tend to underestimate his wife’s value, and he has and/or continues to experience a new lease on life when dealing with her. And the reason we’re saying that this whole allegory is unusual is because honestly this may be well the first time ever we’ve come across a song where the singer is asserting that Monday, which itself tends to be symbolic of the start of the work week, is his favorite day. 

So conclusively, this song isn’t necessarily unique in sentiment but is so in the way said sentiment is being put across.

Lyrics to Imagine Dragons' "Monday"

“Monday” Credits

As to be expected all four members of the Imagine Dragons, a lineup that has remained virtually untouched for a decade now, are credited as writers of this song. And those four individuals would be:

  • Dan Reynolds
  • Wayne Sermon
  • Daniel Platzman
  • Ben McKee

However in this case, Andrew Tolman is also recognized as a writer. And for those who aren’t familiar with that name, Tolman was actually the band’s drummer when Imagine Dragons first formed in 2008. He served that role up until 2011.

Tolman also produced “Monday” as part of Goldwiing, a production duo consisting of himself and Wayne Sermon. 

And besides Goldwiing, Imagine Dragons as a whole are also credited with producing this song.

“Monday” is the fourth track on their “Mercury – Act 1” album.

Said album was released by Interscope Records in conjunction with one of its partners, a label known as Kidinakorner, on 3 September 2021.

Dan Reynolds has implied that this is one of his favorite songs on Mercury.

Imagine Dragons' Reynolds talks about the meaning of "Monday"

Did Imagine Dragons release “Monday” as a Single?

No. The band’s “Mercury – Act 1” project was accompanied by the following singles:


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