“Nile” by Beyoncé (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

In this song, the “Nile” seems to serve as a metaphor for some type of life-changing trek, as in an individual venturing out to fulfill his or her destiny. More specifically, when considering Beyoncé’s second verse, it can be interpreted that the song is aimed specifically at an Afrocentric audience. And through the symbolism of the “Nile”, which of course is a well-known river situated in North Africa, the singers seem to be encouraging the intended addressee to visit Africa or more generally their “Nubian” roots. 

That is to say that the aforementioned trek is to some extent synonymous with the person who is partaking of it becoming directly connected to Africa. And Beyoncé touts such an experience, i.e. having the ‘Nile run through her body’, as having a rejuvenating effect.

Lyrics of "Nile"

Is this Beyoncé’s first collabo with Kendrick Lamar?

No. Beyoncé worked with Kendrick Lamar before, when she featured him on her 2016 track “Freedom”.

Did Beyoncé write “Nile”?

Yes. She and Kendrick Lamar wrote this song together. Furthermore, she also co-produced it with music producer Baby Keem alongside Sounwave.

When was “Nile” released?

Walt Disney Records released this song on 19 July 2019. It is one of the tracks on Beyoncé’s 2019 hit album which goes by the title The Lion King: The Gift.

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  1. Jania says:

    Did you consider that the song is referring to a Woman? Specifically a Black Woman in the last verse. Similar to what Kendrick did with “These Walls” on To Pimp A Butterfly. I think Kendrick was speaking of ” going bearback” when he said, If i dive in it without a lifejacket. I also think Beyonce was referring to the natural hair of a Woman when she said ” look at my natural i’m so exotic”. Lastly the add lib “Thats some good”. is a common saying, not normally not followed by “quest” or “transformation”.

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