“Moon” by Kanye West (ft. Kid Cudi and Don Toliver

For starters, Kanye West only contributes to this song in an ad-libbing sort of capacity. Cudder rather serves as the main vocalist. And based on statements that Kid Cudi, who regularly references the moon in song, has made in the past, said celestial body serves as a symbol of his “place of peace”. 

So at the beginning when Don Toliver expresses a despite to “go to the moon”, we will operate under the presumption that such is what he is also referring to, i.e. being someplace where he can just chill. And as a side note, it should be pointed out, once again resorting to Cudder’s explanation, that this place doesn’t have to be like, say a tropical island. Instead, this ideology is more along the lines of being at peace internally, wherever that goal can be achieved.

Meanwhile the actual verse of this song reads a lot like an emo rap. On one hand we have Kid Cudi chillin’, just relishing the moment, drink in tow. And on the other, he is lamenting the ‘trouble in his soul’. Therefore he’s “been praying” for relief – or to get “to the moon”, as Kanye and co. would say.

So most simply explained, this is a song in which the vocalist(s) wants to achieve peace internally but is facing challenges in terms of reaching said goal. And to some extent it reads sort of like prayer, i.e. him entreating a higher power to intervene on the side of that cause, but the lyrics don’t really go there per se.

"Moon" Lyrics
Kid Cudi talks about "Moon"

“Moon” Facts

Main Artist(s): Kanye West
Featured Artist(s): Kid Cudi and Don Toliver
Album (Studio): “Donda” 
Released: August 29 of 2021

Was “Moon” a single from “Donda”?

No. As of this writing, “Donda” has only one official single titled “Hurricane“.

Writing and Production

“Moon” was written by West with support from E*Vax, BoogzDaBeast, Toliver and Cudi.

West also worked with producer DJ Khalil and the following co-writers to have the song produced:

  • E*Vax
  • BoogzDaBeast

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