“Mother’s Daughter” by Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ “Mother’s Daughter” reads like a modern-day female-empowerment anthem. It features Miley touting her badassery by referring to herself as “a freak”, “a Nile crocodile”, “a piranha”, “nasty”, “evil”, “a witch”, etc.  What these adjectives and appellations ultimately lead to is the singer being someone whose “freedom” you ‘don’t want to f*ck with’ and a ‘powerful’ person in general. And she attributes her personality to “something in the water” or the fact that she is her “mother’s daughter”, insinuating that her mom, Tish Cyrus, is the same way. She uses this realization to, amongst other things, warn dudes against playing her too close.

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Another way Miley gives a shoutout to her mom is by acknowledging that she always predicted that Miley would be successful. And that inspiration empowered her to go out and actually do so.

So in summation, this track is centered on Miley’s fierceness but in a wider context can be used as an empowerment anthem by some. And she uses the occasion to give a shoutout to her mom, who not only apparently personifies the aforementioned ideals but also encouraged her to become the woman she is today.

Lyrics of "Mother's Daughter"

Facts about “Mother’s Daughter”

Miley Cyrus debuted this song during the 2019 BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, which was held from 24 to 26 May.

However the song was officially unveiled on 31 May as part of her 2019 EP entitled She Is Coming. On this same EP appears the song “Cattitude”.

Miley co-wrote “Mother’s Daughter” with ALMA and the track’s producer, Andrew Wyatt.

The label behind the release of “Mother’s Daughter” is RCA Records.

Music Video

There are many stunning images present in the music video of “Mother’s Daughter”. However, they all point to the ultimate “feminist” theme of this song. And the aforementioned imagery relates to how Miley Cyrus interprets feminism. For instance, she definitely perceives there being a carnal aspect to this ideology, as in one where women (and those who identify as such) are sexually-liberated. This would include an apparent espousement of lesbianism and transgenderism.

The artist also appears to make a statement against body shaming, specifically in terms of women being overweight taking more pride in their appearance. So all things considered, this track basically depicts Miley Cyrus as a modern-day, empowered feminist while in the process giving a shoutout to her mom, Tish Cyrus. 

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  1. Merry says:

    Cool. I like interpreting this as an ultimate feminist finger to 1) mr president, given how often he calls women nasty and 2) the anti-abortion movement, given how they f*ck with every woman’s freedom and how outspoken she is about that and 3) anti-feminists in general. She probably never meant it like that – but I think it suits her.

    • Peter says:

      You are ridiculous and stating something that he has never done during his time in presidency and blow things out of proportion which media tends to do when they are not i favor of a candidate. Trump has not said women are nasty during his time in presidency and in fact more women work in politics today than ever before. SO there goes your logic.

      For the longest time abortion was ok and the voices of the people that were against were not heard. People are just starting to realize that abortion is not right and should at the very least be restricted. LAte term abortion especially is by far the most far left out of this world thing that has been passed in recent time (New York). A fetus is not a part of a womans body, its in your body and human life shouldnt be decided on the wims of someone elses misfortune, irresponsibility or anything else you can think of. Life deserves a chance to live and grow up to be something great that is only fair. People who just abort because they had an accident or they cant afford a baby are just irresponsible and should learn to close their legs or maybe practice safe sex? This is the majority of abortions. That is the problem.

      • Ellen M Farrell says:

        Peter, I agree with you 100%.
        This video is disgusting and her mother and husband probably don’t want to be seen in public with her. This is evil.

        • H says:

          Evil? I’m sure her husband and mother support her with this song and video.

          • La la says:

            🤣😳😂 evil?! This? What TF? Are you both “babes in the woods?” You MUST be to conclude that anything even remotely “evil” is somehow synonymous with this song, these “people” or their choices and actions. Just either enjoy it or don’t. There is no TRY. Keep walking, preferably while biting your tongue for the sake of the masses.

      • La la says:

        Hello? Earth to Peter. 😳🤣👀😂😳🙏🏼🤣

      • Sara says:

        Well….that [expletive] is going to happen regardless unless we control all sex. Pregnancy should never be a “well that’s what you get” state of mind if it is indeed an accident. Really? Shame on you, you knew what could happen this is what you get! That’s normally a recipe for a [expletive] mom, or [expletive] kid or both.
        And did you just say the fetus isn’t part of a woman’s body? Hmmm considering it’s inside of a woman, and is reliant on her being healthy to live/come out healthy I’d say it is LITERALLY a part of her.
        Look- I have mixed feelings about abortion. HOWEVER, I do believe it’s the woman’s choice. Even if they knew the consequences and were careless, they have the right to abort. You have no idea what women have to go through- you don’t have to physically go through the potential repercussions of [expletive]- WE do. And not every woman is prepared to mentally and physically go through almost a year of keeping herself healthy, maintaining a home, good care, that’s all on our shoulders from accidental to PURPOSEFULLY getting pregnant.
        And every child should have a fair shot at the world as healthy as can be with amazing love/care. You can’t FORCE that on an expecting mom. You cant make her do that-and if she doesn’t think she can do that…you’re just forcing someone you can’t relate to, to have a child that was put down from the start mentally, physically, environmentally-all for the good of your conscience.

        Also most RAPE happens from men that women already know, not random encounters in a dark alley. The the legalities that go into it are atrocious. As for “keep your legs closed” well, “Keep it in your pants”
        You’ll never know where to draw the line. So either grow a lady part or shush. Not saying anything rudely btw, just my own two cents

  2. Megan says:

    Shut Up Peter. Just another man mansplaining women and their bodies.

    • Samantha says:

      Actually peter is right sweetie.some people just don’t like the truth.

      • La la says:

        Oh, sorry I missed this interpretation somewhere SAMANTHA. So…in your perspective as a MAN, you equate MEGAN with colloquialisms and undesirably derogatory terms. In your world, MEGAN=SWEETIE!! 🤣🔥😂😳 P.S. just curious, do you actually KNOW Megan? No?! Didn’t “think” so. Wow, all that bravado in the face of the unknown. Startling.

      • Unprintable Name says:

        Well honey, did Peter go through 9 months of pregnancy and labor pain? wait… he didn’t cause pregnancy doesn’t [expletive] with his body does it? life??? how come people who do nothing but have fun decide what should be given a chance and what doesn’t. after almost an year of pain and suffering that a woman undergoes.. she has the right to decide whether she chooses to do that or not.. you are [expletive] with someone’s freedom.

    • La la says:

      “Mansplaining!!!!!” 🤣🤣🤣💪🏼💕🔥bad to the bone!!

    • Megan says:

      Shut your mouth, Megan. This is why women shouldn’t be allowed to speak. Why am I telling myself to shut up? Oh yeah because I’m stupid and shouldn’t be able to speak.

  3. RJ says:

    Dare I point out that some of our aged artists were once just as controversial as miley is today? That these artists are now icons in the music world? I really don’t think I need to name names. Do I? Miley has proven her talent in many genres of music as well as acting. If she upsets you, makes you cry, or pisses you off then she’s done her job. She made you feel something. You may or may not agree with her message or her agenda at the time. But do you have to? She speaks for some…not all. I believe everyone deserves a voice.

    • La la says:

      RJ…eloquently and flawlessly written. I concur wholeheartedly. TOLERANCE is key, and progressives and millennials alike agree with that fact. Thanks for the centering. 🙏🏼✨

  4. H says:

    The fact that there are other women standing with a man who tells a woman to keep her legs closed and then you wouldn’t have to fight for abortion is pathetic. My guess is you’re older women, early millennials or maybe even older generations. Move over and let the new generation fix what you have completely messed up. Thanks

    • La la says:

      There it is!! Yes. And for whatever part I have consciously or subliminally contributed to this horrid decline and demise of your future I am completely sorry. Some of these archaic asses refuse to even “entertain” a difference of opinion or ideology. They will have to expire before genuine change can be effected. Don’t let this dishearten your spirit. Keep fighting. Change is inevitable, and a refreshing turn from this misogynistic and dystopian world currently crushing our psyche.

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