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One, two, three, four

I think I’m losing my mind
Trying to stay inside the lines
It’s like I’m running in place
How you keep staying the same?
Baby, I, I guess I’m something different
And I’m okay with that
I can’t fake no more smiles
That shit gon’ drive me mad
I’m focused on the future
Don’t care ’bout nothin’ else

Oh oh oh
I’m better by myself
I’m better by myself
I don’t need no one else
I’m better by myself

Don’t wanna answer questions
Just want your company
It’s all good on the surface
Show me what’s underneath
I’m not concerned with drama
I left that shit in school
I’m more concerned with commas
Than keeping up with you
Keep that away from me
I put the Heisman up to bad energy
No empathy, especially when the kid off Hennessy
Fake friends to me make my mood go south like Tennessee
Make the fool come out like, “Who is he?”
I mean, I tried to tell y’all

I’m better by myself
I’m better by myself
I don’t need no one else
I’m better by myself

I don’t know who to trust
These days everyone’s shady
Fool me once, I’m on my own
There is no second time, baby
That’s the shit I don’t like
Please no yes, no maybes
What else?

I’m better by myself
I’m better by myself
I don’t need no one else
I’m better by myself

Full Lyrics

In an era of anthems that venerate companionship and communal experiences, Bazzi’s ‘Myself’ stands out as a bold declaration of independence. The song slices through the noise with its raw honesty and a catchy melody that sticks, revolving around the core theme of embracing solitude over forced relationships and artificial smiles.

Scrutinizing the lyrics reveals a layered narrative of self-discovery and personal growth—a familiar rite of passage artistically unfolded. Here, we explore the poignant elements that make ‘Myself’ a resonant tune for those dancing to the beat of their own drum.

The Quest for Authenticity in a Curated World

At its core, ‘Myself’ is a quest for authenticity in a world obsessed with curated perfection. Bazzi captures the universal struggle of staying true to one’s self amidst societal pressures to conform. The lines ‘I think I’m losing my mind / Trying to stay inside the lines’ and ‘I can’t fake no more smiles’ strike a chord with anyone who’s felt the tug-of-war between who they are and who they’re expected to be.

With social media blurring the lines between reality and highlight reels, Bazzi rejects the notion that one needs to maintain a façade to be accepted. The song serves as an anthem for the unfiltered life, encouraging listeners to embrace their individuality unapologetically.

Decoding the Hidden Meaning: A Journey Towards Financial and Emotional Autonomy

‘I’m more concerned with commas / Than keeping up with you.’ This line is a crystal-clear message that Bazzi prioritizes financial stability and personal ambitions over the entanglements of draining social dynamics. The ‘commas’ he mentions don’t merely stand for wealth but symbolize taking control of his life narrative, making choices that will secure his future, and provide a concrete foundation for his happiness.

By juxtaposing the mundane drama of everyday social interactions with the significant goals of accumulating wealth and success, Bazzi outlines a clear trajectory for himself—one that does not include anything or anyone that detracts from his forward momentum.

The Inescapable Hook: A Chorus for the Recluse in All of Us

The infectious chorus of ‘Myself’ is more than just a catchy sequence of notes; it’s a rallying cry for self-sufficiency. When Bazzi chants, ‘I’m better by myself,’ he’s not only asserting his current state of contentment but also making a broader statement about the human condition. It’s a recognition that before one can be truly comfortable in the presence of others, one must first be at peace alone.

The effortless repetition and the melodic strength of the chorus ensure that the message isn’t just heard but felt. It encourages a moment of introspection for the listener to consider the possibility that solitude isn’t a state to be remedied, but one to be celebrated.

Unforgettable Lines: The Oath of the Independent Soul

Lines like ‘Fake friends to me make my mood go south like Tennessee’ exhibit Bazzi’s lyrical prowess and his unrelenting stance on authenticity. Using clever wordplay, he distances himself from the negativity and disingenuousness that often come with fickle social connections. Similarly, ‘Please no yes, no maybes’ reflects a desire for straightforwardness and a life devoid of the double speak that complicates relationships.

Each of these lines serves as an oath for those who hold their independence in high esteem. They are reminders to listeners to curate their inner circle with as much intention as they would their life choices, gravitating towards people and situations that offer clarity and mutual respect.

The Introspective Bridge: Trust Issues in the Spotlight

‘I don’t know who to trust / These days everyone’s shady’ takes the song into a more introspective place, revealing a deeper layer of Bazzi’s personal struggles. This bridge acknowledges the emotional toll that deceit and betrayal can take on the psyche, and the resolve it can take to guard one’s self against it.

Despite the heavier context, the message does not wallow in cynicism but rather uses mistrust as a stepping stone to emphasizing self-reliance. The lyric underscores the importance of learning from past hurts and moving forward with a heightened sense of self-preservation and strength.

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