“Heaven” by Bazzi

Bazzi’s “Heaven” is an interesting piece, in that first of all the singer appears to be relaying it from the perspective of someone who’s high, possibly on drugs as powerful as the likes of “powder and pills”. Or such substances are at least the type which the likeminded addressee opts to partake of. And Bazzi comes off as if he knows what they’re doing is questionable on a number of levels. 

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But the titular “heaven” he is referring to is a metaphor for the joy he derives from getting “lost in” the addressee while she ‘moves and dances’. Or put into layman’s terms all lyrics considered, when the vocalist is stoned he enjoys partying with the addressee, a lady who is thoroughly high in her own right.

Concerning the misgivings about being engaged in such a lifestyle, the way he sees it is that at least they aren’t the types to ‘try to be something that they’re not’. Or put otherwise, getting high and engaging in mutual merriment is an activity the likes of he and the addressee derive great pleasure from. 

So what he’s basically saying is that despite criticisms and other potentially-harmful side effects that may come along the way, at least they’re keeping it real and are happy accordingly.

So what this song represents is what’s sort of a common mentality when it comes to perpetuating an addiction, if you will. The vocalist understands that he and the addressee “should slow down”. But they’re experiencing such a thrill living in the fast lane that trying “self-control” seems like a practice relegated to the “past”.

Lyrics to Bazzi's "Heaven"

When did Bazzi release “Heaven”?

“Heaven” was released on 19 August 2022, as one of the singles issued in advance of “Infinite Dream”, Bazzi’s second studio album. Bazzi, who hails from Michigan, may be a singer you’ve never heard of before, as thus far he’s only dropped one studio album, “Cosmic”, back in 2018, which reached 14th place on the Billboard 200. 

But that project was a pretty big commercial hit, i.e. being certified platinum in both the US and Canada. Since then he’s also came out with a mixtape, 2019’s “Soul Searching”, which fared admirably for itself. But it should be noted that none of the singles Bazzi has put forth since, including the three previous ones from “Infinite Dream”, appear to have charted.

Also to note, this is a track that was put out by Atlantic Records, who have been with Bazzi since the onset of his discography.


Bazzi produced this track with Kevin White, stating that the two of them composed “Heaven” a couple of years before its release in Hawaii. And the singer co-wrote the song alongside Edward Alexander Jordan and Kevin Patterson. 


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