Nara – Unveiling the Layered Emotions of Love and Liberation

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  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. A Love Like No Other – The Heart of ‘Nara’
  5. Leaping into the Void – The Song’s Hidden Meaning
  6. Myth and Majesty – The Aslan Reference
  7. Cultural Crossroads – The Global Tapestry of References
  8. To Be a Deer in Nara – The Memorable Finale


I’m gonna marry a man like no other
Light the fuse, hallelujah, hallelujah

Love, love is the warmest color
Petrol blues, hallelujah, hallelujah
Comes, saut dans le vide, my lover
In my youth the greatest tide washed up my prize


Follow, let him go, let him lead me be
Love is a pharaoh, and in front of me
I thought let him be where he want to be
Love is a pharaoh and he’s boning me

I’ve discovered a man like no other man
I’ve discovered a man like no other man
I’ve discovered a man like no other man
I’ve found a love to love like no other can

Ah ooh
Ah ooh
I’ve found a love to love like no other can

He’s found me, my Aslan

Hallelujah, Bovay, Alabama
Marry a man like no other

Hallelujah, Bovay, Alabama
Love is the warmest color

Hallelujah, Bovay, Alabama
Unpin your butterflies, Russia

Hallelujah, Bovay, Alabama
To be a deer in Nara

Hallelujah, Bovay, Alabama
Hallelujah, Bovay, Alabama

Full Lyrics

Alt-J’s ethereal track ‘Nara’, from their sophomore album ‘This Is All Yours’, blends cryptic lyrics with an undeniable air of mystique – enticing listeners to dive deeper into its meaning. As is characteristic of alt-J’s songwriting, ‘Nara’ is a tapestry of cultural references and personal storytelling, woven into a melodious and hauntingly beautiful composition.

At first glance, ‘Nara’ seems to be a love song, but beneath the surface there’s a complex exploration of identity, freedom, and the psychological undertones of love. It is a narrative that invites introspection, making the listeners ponder the boundless forms that love can take. Let’s untangle the lyrical web of ‘Nara’ and grasp the heartfelt message alt-J is delivering.

A Love Like No Other – The Heart of ‘Nara’

The refrain, ‘Soon I’m gonna marry a man like no other,’ is a declaration of an extraordinary love, and indeed, the rest of the song seems to be a tribute to this unique sentiment. alt-J makes it clear that they are dealing with a love that defies the ordinary, capturing a sentiment so profound that it feels like a religious experience, hence the repeated hallelujahs.

This isn’t just about the love between two people; it’s an ode to love itself as a force of nature. When the band equates love to ‘the warmest color,’ they’re not just talking about passion or romance. It’s the idea that love encompasses all that is life-affirming – the emotion that fuels our human experience with its richest hues.

Leaping into the Void – The Song’s Hidden Meaning

‘Comes, saut dans le vide, my lover’ – these French words translate to ‘come, jump into the void, my lover,’ suggesting a leap of faith, a surrender to the unknown. This line is a pivotal moment in the song, illustrating the notion of complete trust and commitment in the act of love, encouraging us to relinquish control and embrace vulnerability.

This act of jumping into the void can also be seen as a metaphor for the self-abandonment one experiences when falling in love. In this space, love is both the jump and the fall – a boundless plunge into the depths of connection and intimacy.

Myth and Majesty – The Aslan Reference

When the narrative voice mentions Aslan, the great lion from C.S. Lewis’s ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, listeners are immediately transported into a realm of legend and lore. Aslan, the symbol of courage and true authority, represents not just the valiance found in love, but the divine aspect of it – a subject to be revered and to draw strength from.

In relation to the lover, Aslan could embody the idealized version of their partner, or the aspirational qualities of the relationship itself. The mentioning of Aslan elevates the storyline, embodying a powerful love that goes beyond the mortal plane and treads into the territory of the timeless and the universal.

Cultural Crossroads – The Global Tapestry of References

‘Hallelujah, Bovay, Alabama’, the repeated line that may seem like a nonsensical chant, is a carousel of cultural nods. Each component of the line refers to a place of significance, yet the connection between them is delightfully unclear. Through these words, alt-J could either be mocking our need for confined geographical identity or celebrating the universal nature of love across these boundaries.

Furthermore, the line ‘Unpin your butterflies, Russia’ might hint at the concept of freedom, encouraging the release of what is beautiful yet captive. Each reference is a location-rich with its own history and connotations, yet they come together in a chorus that speaks to a global experience of love and liberty.

To Be a Deer in Nara – The Memorable Finale

In closing with the wish ‘To be a deer in Nara,’ alt-J transports us to the eponymous city in Japan known for its free-roaming deer, considered sacred and protected. By invoking the image of these revered creatures, alt-J completes the song’s thematic circle of love as something to be cherished, something pure and untainted.

The notion is both intimate and expansive—a personal yearning for a love that roams as freely as Nara’s deer, and a universal call for the protection and sanctity of love. This final invocation empowers the listeners to imagine love in its most liberated form, a sentiment scarce in nature, yet sought by all.

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