Noah Kahan’s “Call Your Mom” Lyrics Meaning

Noah Kahan is a folkish pop singer from the northeastern United States with a discography dating back to 2017. In late 2022 he dropped his third-studio album, “Stick Season”, which proceeded to peak at number 15 on the Billboard 200, marking the first time he has made it onto that coveted list. 

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More recently, on 9 June 2023, the deluxe edition of said LP, this time being officially called “Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever)”, was released through Republic Records. Amongst seven tracks added to the project is “Call Your Mom”, which Noah Kahan wrote with Todd Clark and produced alongside Gabe Simon.

Call Your Mom

The Lyrics of “Call Your Mom”

The title of this song does not refer to the vocalist calling his own mother. Instead what’s being inferred is that the addressee, who is obviously a loved one of Noah’s, is going through some type of serious issue, perhaps even being suicidal. 

So Kahan is threatening, if you will, to call this person’s mom – an act which reads as if it is illustrative of his efforts to go all-out in the name of saving this friend from harming him or herself. In other words, it really isn’t common for one adult to report another’s actions to their mom. 

Doing so, under normal circumstances, may even be considered childish. But due to the seriousness of this case, the vocalist is more than willing to do so, i.e. recruiting as much help as he can in the name of saving the addressee.

“Don’t let this darkness fool you
All lights turned off can be turned on
I’ll drive, I’ll drive all night
I’ll call your mom
Oh, dear, don’t be discouraged
I’ve been exactly where you are
I’ll drive, I’ll drive all night
I’ll call your mom”

The second verse does go on to imply that said addressee proceeded to harm him or herself, and it may be that the vocalist is envisioning such instead of it having already transpired. That is to say, as implied, that these self-destructive types, cannot actually see themselves on the hospital bed, i.e. how pitiful and heart-wrenching a spectacle they’ve become after actually committing self-harm. 

And as for the bridge, it features Noah advising certain measures to prevent things from getting to this point, such as meditation, religion, falling in love or even, honestly put, doing drugs or getting into a random fight.

As he sees it, when suicidally depressed, a person needs to ‘give themself a reason’ to carry on. Or put otherwise, it’s as if a vocalist is saying that such individuals need to do what you have to do (within reason), excluding going about trying to commit suicide. And as relayed in the chorus, he is doing so from the perspective of someone who has combatted such harrowing discouragement himself.

The Writer’s Personal Thoughts on “Call Your Mom”

“I will suggest this song to anyone who is going through some difficult times. The song sends a heartfelt and supportive message to its listeners. Its theme centers around being there for someone in their moments of darkness and despair.

The line ‘oh, you’re spiraling again, the moment right before it ends’, expresses understanding and empathy towards the person’s struggles. For me, the chorus serves as an uplifting refrain, encouraging me not to be fooled by the darkness I am experiencing. It emphasizes that even when all lights seem to be turned off, they can be turned on again.

The song suggests different coping mechanisms such as medicating, meditating, and seeking solace in religion or love. The repeated plea for the person to stay indicates a desire for their presence and a willingness to support them through their struggles. Overall, ‘Call Your Mom’ has a sense of compassion, understanding, and dedication to being a source of strength for anyone going through challenging times.”

The Comments’ Section

SAMSON says:

“Kahan’s songs are always so deep and heartfelt. It’s not often you find songs that approach such delicate topics with such raw honesty. This song gives me goosebumps every time. To me, this song is a cry for help on behalf of those who can’t voice their pain. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Kahan is incredibly brave for tackling such a difficult subject. It’s a tough topic, but it’s necessary to talk about it.”


“This is a song that should be heard by everyone. It provides a different perspective on mental health, showing how important it is to reach out, even when it’s uncomfortable. The pain behind these lyrics is palpable. It’s a reminder of how crucial it is to take mental health seriously and do whatever we can to help those struggling.”


“The writer’s analysis brings a new depth to this song for me. It’s not just about a personal struggle, but about desperately trying to save a loved one. Noah Kahan is truly a poet.

Also, the desperation in this song is too real. It’s a reminder that sometimes it’s not about being the hero, but about doing whatever it takes to keep a person safe. Thank you, Noah, for giving a voice to this struggle.”

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