Meaning of “Automatic” by Birdy

All lyrics of “Automatic” considered, it reads as if this song serves the purpose of Birdy letting the addressee, a romantic interest, know that she isn’t into him like that. Or another way of interpreting what’s being put forth, based on the latter half of the first verse especially, is the vocalist being someone who has already had her heart broken or what have you. 

As such, it isn’t easy to get her excited about romance these days. But that said, the lyrics also imply that even if it is possible for Birdy to fall in love again, that wouldn’t be with this addressee. So it’s as if the conclusive message she’s relaying is that he can persist if he wants, and she can likewise pretend to be interested for a while. But eventually, her true lack of feelings for him will manifest.

“You know I, I don’t cut through the static
Maybe I think too much about it
If I could love you automatic
I would
Oh, you make it sound so simple
Drop my guard and act on impulse
If I could love you automatic
I would love”

Gabe Simon, Dan Priddy and Mark Crew produced “Automatic”, and they also get songwriting credit alongside Birdy.

This is one of the 11 songs that came out on 18 August 2023 as part of “Portraits”, a product of Atlantic Records which represents Birdy’s fifth-studio album.


To Note:

After having her heart broken, a woman might find it difficult to trust someone new right away. She might still be healing from her past relationship, feeling hurt and unsure. This is exactly what the narrator in Birdy’s “Automatic” might be dealing with.

Starting a new relationship involves opening up and being vulnerable again, which can be really scary after experiencing heartbreak. It’s natural to want to protect oneself from potential pain. Moreover, she might want to take time to understand her own feelings and needs better before jumping into something new. It’s important to give oneself time to heal and to approach new relationships with a fresh perspective and a healthy mindset.

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