Noah Kahan’s “No Complaints” Lyrics Meaning

These days, it’s quite common to come across songs by young musicians centered on the vocalist turning to drugs in the name of fighting their internal demons, and so it is with this piece (“No Complaints”).

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From the onset, we witness the vocalist acknowledging that he has what may be determined as insensitivity and anger-management issues. But the chorus reveals that he has found a solution to those maladies, which, as stated, would be the taking of prescription medication.

“I saw the еnd, it looks just like the middle
I got a papеr and pen and a page with no space”

The narrator then follows the above with this:

“I filled the hole in my head with prescription medication
And forgot how to cry
Who am I to complain?”

The second verse goes on to reveal that whereas this course of action has not eradicated Noah’s “pain”, i.e. that which caused him to develop unfavorable characteristics to begin with, it has dulled his senses and made him less aggressive. 

“Your Needs, My Needs”, which is another song on this same album, implies that what he may be most specifically referring to is the intake of Zoloft. And overall, this piece can be classified as sort of a personal confession song. For instance, Kahan also uses the opportunity to insinuate that whereas he enjoys being a music star, concurrently he’s akin to an introvert, or as he puts it “afraid of being seen”.

So in this case the prescription medications are actually working or at least have rendered the user into a more peaceful state than he was beforehand. It isn’t a perfect solution but at least enables the vocalist to channel his inner frustrations in a non-confrontational direction. So at the end of the day, it ain’t like he can really muster up any “complaints”.

The Team behind “No Complaints”

Noah Kahan produced this track with Gabe Simon, and both co-wrote it with Carrie Karpinen and Noah Levine (aka Noah in the Open). 

The label that has backed its outing, on 9 June 2023, is Republic Records. And it is a part of Kahan’s project titled “Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever)“, which is the deluxe edition of his moderately successful “Stick Season” LP of 2022.

No Complaints

The Comments’ Section


“I appreciate how ‘No Complaints’ encapsulates relatable emotions that I thought no one else would understand. It’s as if Kahan has given voice to my inner struggles. Previously, I used to blame my alcoholic mother for my addiction, but I’ve come to realize that this was an unfair perspective. The truth is, the root of most of my problems reside within me. That’s why I find solace in the line ‘I get mad at nothing, blame my dad for something‘. Kahan’s ability to address this aspect resonates with me and brings me a sense of validation and understanding.”


“The raw vulnerability in these lyrics is captivating. The intersection of fame and personal struggle is a potent mix. Kahan’s willingness to tackle issues like mental health and medication head-on in his music is commendable. Music needs more honest storytelling like this.”


“It’s clear from the lyrics that Kahan has a deep, introspective understanding of his struggles. This song, like a balm, soothes the soul.”

ETHAN says:

“The authenticity in Kahan’s lyrics is moving. It’s not just about his personal journey but also a universal struggle with mental health. Noah Kahan doesn’t shy away from exploring the dark corners of the human experience. This song is a testament to his courage.”


“While this song is a personal confession, it also resonates with many people battling similar issues. Kahan’s voice is much needed in today’s music. He is a true artist, using his music as a tool for self-reflection and catharsis. His bravery in sharing his struggles is admirable.”

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