“Nobody” by Dylan Scott

Love is such a sweet thing when you’ve found someone that you’re truly at home with. Here, we have Dylan Scott’s “Nobody”, a simple yet moving love song written for his wife, Blair Robinson.

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The song starts off with him showing his lack of jealousy when his wife receives attention from the opposite sex. However, this doesn’t imply that he is not invested in the relationship – if anything at all, it expresses the level of trust and confidence he has in his significant other to do the right thing. Having been high school sweethearts, Scott acknowledged that he grew less jealous as he entered his adult life since they both knew that they were “going to be with each other forever”.

With inspiration from gospel and possibly Christian marriage vows, Scott proclaims that he’s gonna love the addressee “‘til the good Lord comes back for” the both of them. Christian marriage vows usually encompass being together through the good and bad, until death do the partners apart. In this sense, his love for his wife is never ending, until they die.

Having been happily together for a long time, he also goes on to show that he’s memorized all the little things she likes to what gets on her nerves. They’ve even got the psychic connection when they exchange looks to indicate when she wishes to go home.

Lyrics for Dylan Scott's "Nobody"

Scott Sheds Light on “Nobody”

The idea of “Nobody” was birthed after Scott had cockily told his wife on their trip to Walmart one day that he believes nobody on this planet would ever love her the way he does. This statement was what inspired this lovely love song.

Release Date of “Nobody”

On 30th March, 2019, Scott posted a video on his official Instagram account of him singing the chorus of this song while playing the piano. This was an official announcement from Scott of the arrival of “Nobody”.

“Nobody” was eventually released by Curb Records as a single on 26th April, 2019. It appears on Scott’s fourth EP “Nothing to Do Town”.


Scott wrote this love song alongside two of his good buddies. The trio actually composed it at the back of Scott’s vehicle. And who are these songwriting friends of Scott? They are:

  • American Country and Pop music songwriter/producer Dallas Wilson. Wilson has worked with many greats, including Mitchell Tenpenny and Hudson Moore.
  • American songwriter and producer Matt Alderman. Alderman has collaborated with artists such as Jake Owen and Brett Young.

Who is the lady featured in the music video of “Nobody”?

Interesting question! The blonde lady featured therein is none other than Scott’s wife, Blair Robinson. The pair officially tied the knot in 2016.

That said, it should be noted that the video also features the couple’s two children — Beckett Scott (who was then 3 years old) and Finley Gray (who was then 15 months old).

Accolades of “Nobody”

“Nobody” enjoyed moderate success on the US Billboard Hot 100, reaching position #50. It also enjoyed some success on Canada.

On March 25th, 2022, the RIAA honored this song with a Platinum certification. It currently has sold over 1 million units in Dylan’s home country (the United States).


What a Fan Said about this Song

A fan shared on social media that her husband had been looking for a song that symbolized what she means to him for ten years, until this song came out. According to her, “Nobody” has perfectly summed up every beautiful thing she and her husband share.   

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