Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco is a music star who hails from British Columbia in Canada. The singer, who was born in April 1990, has been in the industry since the late 2000s.

Between 2012 and 2023 the Canadian singer released a total of six albums, with his first being “2”, which dropped in October of 2012. His fourth studio album, “Here Comes the Cowboy”, was a major success as it peaked inside the top-ten of US’s Billboard 200 chart and ranked at number 23 in the UK.

What Style is Mac DeMarco?

The Canadian musician has recorded and released songs in multiple genres such as:

  • Indie rock
  • Psychedelic pop
  • Jangle pop
  • Indie pop
  • Slacker rock

Famous Songs by Mac DeMarco:

“Freaking Out the Neighborhood”

“Chamber of Reflection”

“Here Comes The Cowboy”

“On The Square”


“Heart to Heart”

“My Kind of Woman”

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