Meaning of “Nobody” by Mac Demarco

The ironically entitled “Nobody” is actually a song about Mac DeMarco’s fame and in a broader sense, prominent media personalities in general. Based on the lyrics of the track, the title is centered on Mac’s assertion that now that he has found celebrity, he has no chance of ever going back to being a “nobody”. However, considering the overall unflattering view this song gives of famous people, it can also be argued that the title is based on a theory that all of such individuals really aren’t anyone to be looked up to.

In fact he seems to refer to the celebrities he sees on television, specifically himself, as ‘creatures’. In other words, unlike many other prominent music artists in this day and age, he does not present his enviable social standing as something admirable. Rather he implies – to put things succinctly – that he has sold his soul. Simply put, he isn’t a person anymore as much as he is a media character. And this character, in his eyes, is a monstrosity – with this conviction being made even more evident by the grotesque makeup he wore for the music video of this song.

Lyrics of "Nobody"

Facts about “Nobody”

  • Mac DeMarco wrote and produced “Nobody” in its entirety.
  • He released the song on March 5, 2019 through his own record label (Mac’s Record Label).
  • The song was unveiled as the first single from DeMarco’s fourth studio album titled Here Comes The Cowboy.
  • This was DeMarco’s first brand new content to be released in 2019.
  • Approximately 84 words come together to make up the entire lyrics of “Nobody”.
  • In the song’s video, DeMarco wears a grotesquely strange makeup. This was done by a makeup artist named Ryon Wu. Towards the tail end of the video (3:23), Wu is seen with DeMarco. As a matter of fact, besides DeMarco, Wu is the only other person who appears in the clip.

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