“New Truck” by Dylan Scott  

Usually when country music singers get to singing about their trucks, listeners can look forward to a celebration of such rugged vehicles and relatedly ideal living out in the backwoods. And this song (“New Truck”) sorta starts off along a similar vein, i.e. Dylan noting “ain’t nothing wrong with” with the one he currently owns. But still, even before making that statement, he alludes to where this is all going by putting forth that he ‘needs a new truck’ anyway.

The reason he feels that way is because, most simply explained, being inside of the whip reminds him of his ex. This is someone who obviously the vocalist did not actually want to break up, but such has transpired anyway. And the situation is such that the two of them spent ample quality time inside his current ride. So for instance, Dylan may occasionally find one of her ‘hair ties’ or some “ChapStick” she dropped there inside. And as inferred, such small momentos cause this rush or emotion that is basically driving him bonkers.

Furthermore as further revealed in the bridge, the case isn’t that the vocalist is an overly-emotional fellow per se. Instead, it seems that his ex did him dirty or in any event left him heartbroken. And being inside his truck isn’t helping him get over her, as it firmly reminds the singer of what they once had.

So what the lyrics put forth is that basically, Dylan went on to indeed abandon the ride. And now the vocalist is looking forward to acquiring “a new truck”, one that presumably will not remind him of his ex.

Lyrics to Dylan Scott's "New Truck"
Dylan Scott talks about "New Truck"

Dylan Scott

Dylan Scott is a country singer from Louisiana who dropped his debut LP, named after himself, in 2016. His discography actually dates back to 2013, though he has dropped less than 10 singles between now then. His most-recent outing has been “New Truck”, which was released on 23 July 2021. 

That said, a few of Scott’s tracks have hit. And that includes this one, which topped Billboard’s Country Airplay chart.

Did Scott write “New Truck”?

No. The official writers of “New Truck” are as follows:

  • Ashley Gorley
  • Hardy
  • Hunter Phelps
  • Ben Johnson

And a different quartet of musicians produced the track. The producing quartet in question is made up of the following experience record producers:

  • Matt Alderman
  • Curt Gibbs
  • Jim Ed Norman
  • Will Weatherly

NOTE: “New Truck” can be found on Dylan Scott’s second-studio album, which is titled “Livin’ My Best Life” (2022).

New Truck

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