“Nobody” by Martin Jensen & James Arthur

The titular “Nobody” in this track is a unique person who has caught the eye of the singer, Englishman James Arthur. And complimented by the instrumental talents of Danish DJ Martin Jensen, he weaves the tale of a night of drudgery being transformed into one of excitement just by seeing this lovely individual, in fact someone so alluring that “nobody” else compares to her.

The song is set with Arthur engaging in a night on the town, dressed to the nines but not out to impress anyone in particular. Although he appears to be chillin’ in a nightclub, his heart is not really there. In fact you can’t even call it chillin’ since his mind is filled with negative thoughts, such as the money he’s “wasting” on the club and the fact that he has to report to work in just a few hours.

As such, he decides to just head to the crib, indeed even leaving his friends behind. But as he makes his way to the exit, he sees someone who captivates his attention. In fact James is so smitten that he then concludes that he cannot leave until he at least makes an attempt to holler at her, as in letting her know that he has never seen anyone as beautifully-unique as she is. Thus the bulk of the track is dedicated to the singer telling this person how wonderful he thinks she is by praising her one-of-a-kind exceptionality.

Lyrics of "Nobody"

Facts about “Nobody”

  • “Nobody” was written by five songwriters. They are: Thom Bridges, Phil Plested, Martin Jensen, Scott Harris, and Mads Dyhrberg. James Arthur isn’t credited as a writer on the track.
  • It was released as a single on the 1st of March 2019 through Disco:Wax.
  • “Nobody” was produced through the joint effort of Martin Jensen and Mads Dyhrberg.
  • The music video for “Nobody” was directed by Karen Ryan.

Who sings the background vocals on “Nobody”?

The background vocals are provided by Phil Plested.

Is this James Arthur’s first ever collaboration with Martin Jensen?

Yes, it absolutely is! 

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  1. James Mackinnon says:

    I love this song and often listen to it just to get away from life and null over my fantasy of the women I love instead of pay attention except to her eyes.

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