“Nothing Left to Say / Rocks” by Imagine Dragons

As can be deduced from the title (“Nothing Left to Say/Rocks”), this is actually two tracks in one. The story goes that the Imagine Dragons had reached the maximum number of song which was allowable on “Night Visions”, the album this track was originally featured on. So to get around this restriction they basically joined two songs, “Nothing Left to Say” and “Rocks”, into one.

“Nothing Left to Say”

The first part, “Nothing Left to Say”, appears to center on a character who has adopted an extreme sense of pessimism. He has basically ‘given up’ on life.  And the title alludes to the idea that he has made this decision once and for all. Or stated differently, in his mind there is “nothing left to say” concerning the matter, as he has concluded that his self-defeating attitude is here to stay.


Meanwhile “Rocks” appears to be at least partially romantic in nature. In this case the title symbolizes the vocalist using an alternate means to get the attention of his romantic interest, i.e. throwing ‘rocks at her window’. This would insinuate that their relationship is underground, as in one he does not want her parents to know about for instance. Thus he has to resort to contacting her in such a subversive manner as opposed to more traditional methods.

But that being said the second verse is a lot more ambiguous. And Imagine Dragons have reportedly stated that they wanted to end “Night Visions” with this track because it is more uplifting than “Nothing Left to Say”. So with that in mind, the singer is apparently expressing a greater sense of optimism in “Rocks”. For instance, going back to the second verse he questions ‘why can’t he see what’s right in front of him’. So it is obvious now that, unlike the sentiment expressed in “Nothing Left to Say”, he now acknowledges that life has some good to offer him, even if in the moment he can’t perceive how to secure this favor.

Lyrics of "Nothing Left to Say"

In Conclusion

So conclusively, considering both “Nothing Left to Say” and “Rocks” in unison, it can be said that the permeating theme throughout is centered on depression. At the beginning the vocalist is suffering from an extreme case of pessimism. But as the song develops he becomes more upbeat, perhaps partially due to being smitten by a certain lady. But with the track(s) concluding with the statement “we fall apart”, it seems as if at the end of the day he possesses a mode of thinking akin to a negative attitude.

Facts about “Nothing Left to Say / Rocks”

“Nothing Left to Say / Rocks” was released by Interscope Records and KIDinaKORNER on 4 September 2012. It was done so as part of the Imagine Dragons’ debut album, “Night Visions”.

Imagine Dragons are credited as a unit as the writers of this song as well as individually. Thus band members D. Reynolds, W. Sermon, B. McKee and D. Platzman are all also recognized as co-writers.

The entire band is also credited as the producers of “Nothing Left to Say / Rocks” with an additional shoutout being given to Dan Reynolds, Daniel Platzman and Wayne Sermon. The other co-producers are Mr. Hudson and Brandon Darner.

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