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How you feelin’? (fine)
You feel alright?

I’m so bossy, bitch, get off me (yeah)
It’s a different jingle when you hear these car keys (ya’ll feel like da-)
Your SL’s missing an S, nigga (ya’ll feel like da-)
Your plane’s missing a chef
The common theme see they both got wings
If you fly, do it to death
It’s only one God, and it’s only one crown
So it’s only one king that can stand on this mound (yeah)
King Push, kingpin, overlord
Coast Guard come a hundred goin’ overboard (yeah)
I got money with the best of ’em
Go blow for blow with any Mexican
Don’t let your side bitches settle in
Might have to headbutt your Evelyn

Ballers, I put numbers on the boards
Hard to get a handle on this double-edged sword
Whether rappin’ or I’m rappin’ to a whore
Might reach back and relapse to wrappin’ up this raw (ya’ll feel like da-)
Givenchy fittin’ like it’s gym clothes
We really gym stars, I’m like D. Rose
No D-league, I’m like these clothes
’88 Jordan, leapin’ from the free throw (yeah)

Ballers, I put numbers on the boards
Ballers, I put numbers on the boards

(Motherfucka’s can’t rhyme no more, ’bout crime no more)
Mix drug and show money, Biggs Burke on tour (yeah)
Twenty-five bricks, move work like chore
Hit Delaware twice, needed twenty-five more
I see flaw, cracks in your diamond
CB4 when you rhyme, Simple Simon
Come and meet the pieman, a must that I flaunt it
The legend grows legs when it comes back to haunt us

Ballers, I put numbers on the boards (yeah)
Can’t a bitch live and say I bought her Michael Kors? (yeah)
Every car driven was decided by the horse
Keep the sticker in the window ‘case you wonder what it cost
How could you relate when you ain’t never been great?
And rely on rap money to keep food up on your plates, nigga?
I might sell a brick on my birthday
Thirty-six years of doing dirt like it’s Earth Day, God
(Ya’ll feel like da-)
(Ya’ll feel like da-)
Ballers, I put numbers on the boards
(Ya’ll feel like da-)

Full Lyrics

In the midst of an era where hip-hop oscillates between the braggadocious and the confessional, Pusha T’s ‘Numbers on the Boards’ stands as a testament to the raw, unfiltered ethos of the genre’s gritty origins. A track that spins a tight web of street lore with the kind of dexterity and confidence that only a rap veteran could muster, ‘Numbers on the Boards’ is a complex mural of the highs and lows of the hustler’s psyche.

Through a blend of sinister beats and unforgiving lyricism, Pusha T cements his status not just as a rapper, but as a storyteller, a kingpin of narrative who can stir the streets and the charts with equal potency. Let’s peel back the layers of this brooding masterpiece to explore the gritty truths and the powerful bravado behind each verse.

A Role Call of Royalty and Rogues: King Push’s Identity Solidified

In an era where hip-hop identities are as fluid as the beats they rhyme over, Pusha T’s proclamation ‘King Push, kingpin, overlord’ isn’t just a self-coronation. It is a hardened declaration chiseled into the game. The repetition of ‘King’ is a recurring crown, a reminder that in the numbers game of hip-hop, there can only be one sovereign. This isn’t just about ego; it’s a historical recount of ascension, with each phrase cementing his lineage.

The song’s bravado escalates further when Pusha T draws parallels between his prominence in the rap game and the omnipotence of a divine entity—’It’s only one God and it’s only one crown.’ The juxtaposition of material success represented by the car keys, the private jets, and the allusions to drug money with spiritual and royal imagery creates a complex tapestry. Pusha T isn’t just playing the game; he’s crafting the very mythology that defines it.

The Cost of Greatness: Hidden within Material Metaphors

Beneath the surface of ‘Numbers on the Boards’, there is an exploration of the weight that greatness bears—a sacrifice laid bare in the interplay of wealth and power. Pusha T’s lyrics dissect the stark contrasts between his success and the encompassing presence of his past—a theme ever-present in his oeuvre. There is a haunting recognition that the numbers on the boards don’t just represent material gain, but a scorekeeping of personal trials and tribulations.

The gritty realities of the street are never far from Pusha T’s mind, as he reminds listeners, ‘Might reach back and relapse to wrappin’ up this raw.’ This line pulls the veil back on the often-glamorized hustler lifestyle, revealing the perpetual edge between past and present, between fortune and the specter of downfall. The imagery is clear: success in Pusha T’s world is a double-edged sword, as one must continually balance the scales between two extremes.

An Artisanal Blend of Substance and Symbolism

Pusha T’s lyrical craftsmanship is a defiant rebuke to those who say ‘Motherfucka’s can’t rhyme no more, ’bout crime no more.’ The song isn’t just a rhythmic showcase; it’s a thesis statement on the relevance of the street narrative in modern hip-hop. He deconstructs the premise that depth is absent from contemporary rap by embedding his verses with vivid stories and cultural references, from mentioning Michael Kors to Biggs Burke—a nod to the notorious Roc-A-Fella co-founder.

By weaving together instances from drug dealing with the iconic visuals of Michael Jordan in ’88 leaping from the free-throw line, Pusha interlinks his prowess as an artist with a rich tapestry of success symbols endemic to black culture. It’s in these narratives where he challenges the listener to look beyond the facade of luxury and into the core of an artist who is as introspective as he is indulgent.

The Undeniable Hook: ‘Ballers, I Put Numbers on the Boards’

Catchphrases and hooks in hip-hop often become mantras, and ‘Ballers, I put numbers on the boards’ is Pusha T’s sonic trademark. Every repetition is a stark reminder of his consistency and his compulsion to excel. It’s a clarion call that resonates with anyone striving to leave their mark, affirming that success isn’t accidental—it’s earned, measured, and displayed for all to see.

The reference to ‘ballers’ is dual edged—representing both sportsmanship and the street game. It’s a nod to the competitive nature of both arenas, and an acknowledgment that Pusha T dominates the rap scoreboard with the same dexterity as athletes own their respective courts and fields. The ‘boards’ signify not just commercial success, but also craft and credibility within the very culture he represents.

The Rhythm of Rebellion: Defying Paradigms with Each Line

From the unorthodox production to the unapologetic lyricism, ‘Numbers on the Boards’ defies hip-hop paradigms, placing Pusha T at the musical frontier. Producer Don Cannon marries an intricate but ominous beat with Pusha T’s aggressive delivery. This track feels like an ode to the unvarnished roots of rap while challenging the genre’s contemporary soundscapes.

The song’s structure itself speaks volumes, lacking a traditional chorus and interspersing stark beats with haunting chants. This breaks the pace and infuses a jarring rhythm that captures the listener’s attention and forces them to confront the gravity of Pusha T’s message. ‘Numbers on the Boards’ isn’t just an anthem – it’s a calculated disruption, a voice in the cacophony that commands its due reflection and respect.

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