Meaning of “The Story of Adidon” by Pusha T

“The Story of Adidon” is a very vicious diss track by American rapper Pusha T. The lyrics of this diss song focus purely on Canadian rapper Drake and are in response to Drake’s song “Duppy Freestyle” which severely dissed Pusha. In “Duppy Freestyle”, among many things, Drake refers to Pusha as someone who is a ghost from the past and who has no relevance in 2018.

Angered by Drake’s scathing attack on “Duppy Freestyle”, Pusha T retaliated with “The Story of Adidon”, in which he not only attacks the personality of Drake but also goes on to attack close family members and friends of Drake.

In the lyrics, Pusha claimed (or rather revealed) that Drake had fathered a secret child – a son named Adonis with a French model named Sophie Brussaux. Sophie once worked as an adult film actress under the nickname Rosee Divine. According to Pusha, Drake not only secretly fathered the child but also abandoned him.

People in Drake’s life Pusha T mentions in the song:

In addition to Drake’s baby mama Sophie Brussaux and Drake’s son Adonis, Pusha mentions the following people in Drake’s life:

  • Dennis Graham: Dennis is Drake’s father. In the first verse, among other things, Pusha talks about how Drake’s musician Dad walked away from his family when Drake was just 5 years old.
  • Sandi Graham: Sandi is Drake’s mother. In the lyrics, Pusha raps about marriage being something Sandi never had.
  • Noah James Shebib (best known as 40): Drake’s business partner and longtime record producer and songwriter. In the song, Pusha brings up the fact that 40 is battling the demyelinating disease Multiple Sclerosis. He goes on to use the disease to mock him, saying that he is so hunched over he looks like an 80-year-old man. As if that wasn’t enough, Pusha went as far as asking how much time 40 has to live on earth. FYI: Many strongly criticized Pusha for taking things too far by mocking 40’s struggles with Multiple Sclerosis.

Drake is insecure about being Black

In the lyrics of this diss track, Pusha alleges that because Drake is biracial, he is insecure about the fact that he is black. Drake was born to a black father and a white mother. Regarding Drake’s alleged insecurity about his blackness, Pusha claims in the track that Drake has lived his entire life always feeling he isn’t “black enough”.


What’s the meaning of “Adidon”?

In an interview with Breakfast Club, Pusha T said the name “Adidon” is a portmanteau of Drake’s son’s name “Adonis” and the brand “Adidas”.

It is believed that “Adidon” is the name Drake chose for an upcoming clothing line that he has with Adidas.

Facts about “The Story of Adidon”

  • “The Story of Adidon” was written by Pusha T. However, the song uses the instrumental from rapper Jay-Z’s Grammy Award nominated 2017 single “The Story of O.J.”.
  • The track came out on May 29, 2018 – just 3 days after Drake released his hit single “I’m Upset“, which many believe has lyrics that attack Pusha T. Despite Drake claiming that “I’m Upset” has nothing to do with his feud with Pusha, in the outro of this track, Pusha makes reference to “I’m Upset”, mocking Drake for saying he’s upset.
  • The artwork Pusha used for “The Story of Adidon” shows an old picture of Drake wearing the highly controversial black face. The photo was taken somewhere in 2007 when Drake was in his early 20s. Pusha apparently used this controversial photos in the hopes of denting Drake’s image and turning his black fans against him. To a certain degree, he succeeded in his quest since many people got upset with Drake for appearing in blackface considering the rapper’s biracial background.
  • No official music video was released for this diss track.


Why did Drake wear Blackface?

Shortly after Pusha T exposed the hidden blackface photo to the world, Drake took to the social media site Instagram to explain how the photo came about and why he wore blackface. According to a post on Instagram, Drake said the image in question was taken as far back as 2007 when he was an actor. He said he and a fellow black actor friend of his were trying to bring awareness to the struggles black actors often had to deal with.

Here’s Drake’s full explanation on why he wore blackface:

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