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It’s the blackout, ‘rari got the back out
Showing my black ass, engine in the glass house
Started in the crack house, Obama went the back route
Kill bin Laden, never throw up in the black house
Still got the Macs out, pull the mask down like a mascot
Still trick with bitches out with money or with ass shots
G.O.O.D had room for one more, I took the last spot
Re-up gang paid a nigga, ‘Ye done hit the jackpot
Whole ‘nother level, then you add fame
That’s a whole ‘nother devil, legit drug dealer
That’s a whole ‘nother bezel, the carbon Audemar
That’s a whole ‘nother metal, but still keep it ghetto
Behind the scenes, pull strings like Gepetto
The gun blow steam, whistle like a tea kettle
Runnin’ like the rebels
You and LV Sport shoe on a pedal, I let you niggas settle

Trouble on my mind
I got trouble on my mind
Trouble on my mind
So much trouble on my mind

Trouble on my mind
I got trouble on my mind
Trouble on my mind
So much trouble on my mind

Pharrell said “get ’em,” so I got ’em
Tripped on Bristol Palin then I accidentally shot ’em
Then it ricocheted and killed the game
I’m a problem cause I wanna fuck the world but not a fan of using condoms
Pardon my French, I’m going hard as my dick
When I envision my tip on the crust of bitch’s lips
Mr.Lipschitz has been trippin’ since I mentioned Reptar’s
Triceratops dinosaur dick
I feel it in my gut to kill these mutharfucks
As a musk like the arm of my pits
You niggas coming shorter than a Bush wick Billy costume
On sale during Christmas in Philly
Uhm, well, not really, it’s gettin’ kinda chilly
Let’s hit a couple bars and give some bitches wet willies
Soaked, getting’ jiggy with it and Bel-Air’s riches
With a bag of pills, couple berries and a biscuit

Trouble on my mind
I got trouble on my mind
Trouble on my mind
So much trouble on my mind

Trouble on my mind
I got trouble on my mind
Trouble on my mind
So much trouble on my mind

I’m a fucking walking paradox
And a really shitty rapper in my favorite pair of socks ironed pair of dockers
Two Glocks cocked screamin’ west side!
With the speakers blastin’ a pair of pots
Yonkers ten milli, you’re silly
Thinkin’ that this ‘Preme wasn’t free willy
The feeling is neutral, the gang is youthful
And fuckin’ tighter than Chad Hugo’s pupils
It’s Wolf Gang and the

With the re-up’s a hell of a buzz
Rick James said cocaine’s a hell of a drug
Who else could put the hipsters with felons and thugs
And paint a perfect picture of what sellin’ it does?
This is for the critics, who doubted the chemistry
Two different worlds, same symmetry
And this black art, see the wizardry
When you at the top of your game, you make enemies
You’ll never finish me

Trouble on my mind
I got trouble on my mind
Trouble on my mind
So much trouble on my mind

Trouble on my mind
I got trouble on my mind
Trouble on my mind
So much trouble on my mind

Full Lyrics

In the haunting echoes of Pusha T’s ‘Trouble On My Mind’, there lies a labyrinth of layered meanings that resonate far beyond the surface of its outward bravado. Featuring the defiant production of The Neptunes and the vocal contrast between Pusha T and collaborator Tyler, The Creator, the track presents an eerie symphony, riddled with provocative insights on success, struggle, and the inherent chaos of the rap lifestyle.

Diving into the elusive imagery and the stark, unfiltered language, ‘Trouble On My Mind’ serves as more than a mere musical arrangement; it is a narrative that confronts the complexities of personal demons, the duality of street life versus stardom, and the relentless pursuit of a truth that is often cloaked in contradiction. Here, we dissect the intricacies that make this song a haunting echo of the unspoken trials in the corridors of the human psyche.

The Symphony of Success and Street Cred

From the opulent depiction of a ‘blackout, ‘rari with the back out’ to the raw realities of ‘starting in the crack house,’ Pusha T meticulously crafts a bridge between the glamor associated with fame and the grim roots of street hustle. This juxtaposition serves as a thesis statement of sorts, underscoring the gritty foundation upon which his success is built—a narrative common in rap but delivered with a piercing clarity and a blatant disregard for the glorification often associated with it.

The ‘glass house’ is not merely a metaphor for transparency but also a symbol of vulnerability. As he thrives in the limelight, Pusha T is acutely aware of the fragility of his position, demonstrated by the ever-present ‘Macs’ and the masked persona of a ‘mascot.’ The inherent tension between visibility and concealment is palpable throughout his verses.

Dissecting the Duality: The Mask and the Man

‘Trouble On My Mind’ peels back layers with surgical precision, revealing the intricate dance between Pusha T’s public persona and his authentic self. ‘Behind the scenes, pull strings like Gepetto,’ he declares, illuminating the manipulation and control behind the curated facade that is presented to the masses.

Yet, despite wielding power, there’s a persistent undercurrent of chaos—a ‘trouble on my mind’ that cannot be easily quieted. This refrain echoes the human struggle between maintaining control and succumbing to the tumult of internal conflict.

A Carnival of Controversy: The Song’s Hidden Meaning

Beyond braggadocio and metaphor lies a landscape strewn with societal commentary, such as the allusion to ‘Obama went the back route, kill bin Laden.’ Here Pusha T draws a parallel to his own trajectory, acknowledging the unconventional paths to achieving goals, while wrestling with the moral implications that accompany them.

In the line ‘Whole ‘nother level, then you add fame,’ there’s an admission that the intersection of notoriety and the street’s ethos amplifies the complexities and absurdities of life—a burden that weighs heavily on those who navigate this reality.

Unforgettable Lines with Unapologetic Imagery

‘Tripped on Bristol Palin then I accidentally shot ’em,’ Pusha T spits, pairing the absurd with the violent in a collision that sparks both shock and thought. It’s an unflinching look at the nature of controversy, the ease with which one can stir the societal pot, and a hint at the intimate dance with infamy that artists often engage in.

Yet, amid these jarring lines, the mention of ‘Mr. Lipschitz’ and ‘Reptar’s Triceratops dinosaur dick’ thrust listeners into a psychedelic tableau where childhood nostalgia is juxtaposed with adult vices, signaling the loss of innocence in a jaunting trek through the celebrity psyche.

The Ultimate Paradox: Harmony in Discordance

Pusha T articulates the supreme irony of achieving unity through disparity, rapping about how he brought ‘hipsters with felons and thugs.’ The artist employs his music to create a synthesis of opposing worlds, painting a ‘perfect picture’ that captures the essence of the human condition—contradictory yet harmonious.

In this alchemy of ‘black art,’ Pusha T finds his stride, turning animosity into acclaim and adversity into art. The song concludes with a note of resilience, indicating that despite the omnipresent ‘trouble’ clouding his thoughts, he remains an indomitable force in the realm of music and beyond.

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