“Our Song” by Matchbox Twenty

“Our Song” is one of the easier-to-follow songs in Matchbox Twenty’s catalog.  The singer is addressing his romantic interest, and the two of them have a significant amount of beef. Yes, as is the band’s standard they use a plethora of metaphors to get this point across. But again, in this case they’re the types which can be understood by laymen. And what it all boils down to is that despite the considerable level of discontent between the singer and his significant other, they are still very much in love. Indeed such an idea is actually, in a roundabout way, what the title of this song is based on.

The singer depicts himself as being emotionally abusive and she as being sentimentally volatile. And let’s say that for the most part he is taking responsibility for the issues that exist between them. He is basically saying that his actions and words are the catalyst for his lover’s aforementioned hot temper. Indeed the singer implies that sometimes he intentionally looks for “faults” in their relationship, presumably as an impetus to cause some type of confusion. So all things considered, it reads like he may be one of those types of guys who likes starting arguments with his love.


But at the end of the day, “Our Song” is in fact a love song. The singer is fully aware of what his significant other means to him and what they mean to each other, and he doesn’t want his personality flaws to destroy that. So accordingly he is making a pledge to ‘never make her cry again’. And yes, we as mature readers know that he is likely to revert back to his old ways, that he has probably already made this promise a million times before. But more to the point is that, as illustrated in the hook, the feelings between them “are so strong” that their relationship is able to weather these persistent challenges.

Lyrics of "Our Song"

Release Date of “Our Song”

Emblem/Atlantic Records released this track on 13 April 2013. It is the third single from the album Matchbox Twenty dropped the year prior, which is entitled “North”.

Rob Thomas, Matchbox Twenty’s lead singer, wrote “Our Song”. And the track was produced by Matt Serletic.

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