“Friends” by Matchbox Twenty

“Friends” is one of the songs that came out on 26 May 2023, through Atlantic Records, as part of Matchbox Twenty’s album “Where the Light Goes”, also being the opening track on the LP’s playlist.  This song was written by the band’s drummer, Paul Doucette, who also co-produced it with non-band member Gregg Wattenberg.

And what the vocalist appears to be relaying in this piece is his strong belief in his friends. In other words, his courage is found in his strong associations. So therefore, as implied in the first verse, he doesn’t fear the various challenges life may throw his way, as it is the strength of his friendships which gives him internal fortitude.

“Cause all my friends, Oh my friends are here
All my friends, Oh my friends are here
All my friends, Oh my friends are here”

Fans’ Comments on “Friends”

ANITA says:

“In a world thirsty for optimism and warmth, this song delivers a radiant burst of sunshine. I absolutely adore the line ‘all my friends, all my friends are here (Woah)‘ because I spend most of my weekends with all my closest friends. As I embark on my first listen through ‘Where the Light Goes’, it’s clear that this song sets the perfect tone. It immerses me in a nostalgic 90s vibe while filling my heart with a generous dose of hope. I am truly grateful for this uplifting music.”

TONY says:

“I have mixed feelings about this song and the rest of the ‘Where the Light Goes’ album in general. It’s undeniable that the band has evolved over the years, but it’s not exactly the sound I fell in love with all those years ago. I had high hopes for their comeback after a decade of being away, and while I appreciate their effort, I can’t help but feel a tinge of disappointment. Rob Thomas, Brian, Paul, you guys have shown immense talent and creativity in the past, and I know you’re capable of even better songs. I’m holding out hope that they’ll come up with something that truly gives me the feel of the Matchbox Twenty I’ve always known, something that captures the essence of what made me fall in love with their music in the first place.”


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