“Wild Dogs (Running In A Slow Dream)” by Matchbox Twenty

Atlantic Records released “Wild Dogs (Running In A Slow Dream)” on 17 March 2023 as the lead single from Matchbox Twenty’s fifth-studio album, “Where the Light Goes”. 

And in doing so, “Wild Dogs” marks the first single the band dropped since 2013’s “Our Song”.

Two members of Matchbox Twenty, Paul Doucette and Rob Thomas, wrote the song alongside Greg Wattenberg, with Wattenberg and Doucette also being the producers of the track. And “Wild Dogs” did prove to be a modest hit, in that it broke the top 30 of Billboard’s Adult Contemporary and Adult Top 40 charts stateside.

The Lyrics of “Wild Dogs (Running In A Slow Dream)”

On the surface, it appears that the titular “wild dogs” are symbolic of the singer’s vision or ideology for himself and his sweetheart. As implied, there are residents of a small town with dreams or aspirations of living a more exciting life. And they seem to be under the impression that they are the only ones around truly dedicated to that cause. But in the meantime, the way they get their jollies off, if you will, is apparently by hitting up the local dance scene.

To note, Rob Thomas has explained that the “wild dogs” would more specifically be a reference to the likes of his childhood friends, those who helped him mitigate the boringness of growing up in the suburbs.  Additionally, the title would refer to “group of misfits”, i.e. those who appreciate “all of your flaws and… differences” and accept fellow unconventional people as their own.

“And when you hear it calling
Out underneath your window
There’s a world outside that’s waiting
Saying come on, come on, come on!
We got a restless feeling
And in a world of people
There’s only you and me
Wild dogs running in a slow dream
(Oh-whoa) Wild dogs running in a slow dream”

Fans’ Comments on “Wild Dogs (Running In A Slow Dream)”

KIM says:

“It’s truly amazing. Matchbox Twenty has been a part of my life since I was a little boy, and their music has carried me through my formative years in ways they may never fully comprehend. Now, as a parent of three kids, two of whom are teenagers, I see ‘Wild Dogs’ as a gift from the band to my kids. It’s a reminder that the world is calling out, beckoning them to seek out adventure and embrace the joy of youth. I find myself reliving that sense of excitement and discovery through my children, and it’s an incredible experience. Matchbox Twenty, thank you for creating music that transcends generations and continues to inspire.”

MAVIS says:

“In September 2013, during one of the toughest periods of my life as I witnessed my father’s declining health and his eventual demise, I had the incredible fortune of attending a Matchbox Twenty concert at the Arena Monterrey in Mexico City. It was a moment that marked the beginning of my deep connection with the band. In the midst of the challenges I was facing, their performance and their music worked magic, providing me with the breath of fresh air I really needed. That night was truly magical.

Now, as I reflect on those times and how far I’ve come, I eagerly anticipate the day when the band returns to Mexico to perform my new favorite song, ‘Wild Dogs (Running In A Slow Dream)’. The thought of experiencing their music again, this time without the weight of hardship, fills me with excitement. I believe that the joy and the emotions I’ll experience watching them perform now, with all my struggles behind me, will be an entirely new and transformative one. Matchbox Twenty holds a special place in my heart, and I can’t wait to witness their magic once more in a different chapter of my life. Please come to Mexico City! I really hope they hear that.” 

Wild Dogs (Running In A Slow Dream)

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