“Out of Time” by The Weeknd

The title of this song (“Out of Time”) points to the vocalist coming to the realization that he has permanently spoiled the romantic relationship with the woman he loves, that being the addressee. 

As the narrative commences, the singer seemingly admits that he recently went through a ‘traumatic’ period in his life where the associated stress led to him mistreating loved ones. One of such individuals he offended was the addressee, who in the aftermath has since hooked up with another dude. 

And whereas the chorus indicates that the vocalist, as aforementioned, knows he has screwed things up, apparently in his mind all is not completely lost. That’s because he is using the second verse to beg the addressee to come back. Or as he puts it, if her new beau “mess(es) up just a little”, then she should give The Weeknd another chance. After all, he has realized the error of his ways and is proclaiming repentance accordingly.

And again, by the looks of things he may be doing so in vain. For instance, when it was rather the addressee begging the vocalist not to bounce, he, in his asininity, proceeded to do so anyway. So this is ultimately the case of romantic karma coming back to bite one in the behind. And of course knowing that he is in fact the one who ultimately caused all of this to transpire is making this new reality of being heartbroken that much harder for the vocalist to digest.

Lyrics to "Out of Time"

Facts about “Out of Time”

The Weeknd produced this song with the following renowned music producers:

  • Max Martin
  • Oneohtrix Point Never
  • Oscar Holter

And in doing so they sampled a 1983 track entitled “Midnight Pretenders” by Tomoko Aran.

Tomoko Aran, a singer from Japan, wrote that aforenoted piece. Therefore she is credited as one of the authors of “Out of Time”, as is one Testuro Harada, who was presumably involved in the creation of “Midnight Pretenders” also. 

The other writers of this song are The Weeknd and his steady musical partner these days, Oneohtrix.

The release date of this track (“Out of Time”) was on 7 January 2022, as part of The Weeknd’s LP “Dawn FM”. And as with all four of his previous studio albums, this one was brought to us via Republic Records in conjunction with The Weeknd’s own XO Records.

Out of Time

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s about Bella. Grow up, admit you love her and always will. You two are meant for each other.

  2. LIL UZI VERT says:

    Its all right saying what you think a song means but it’s not always what it really means…

  3. @Bella Hadid says:

    Abel this song is amazing and even if were not together doesn’t mean you wish mad about me and Marc ….But I wish you the best.

  4. goofy man cuddling with a sexy dog says:

    Um.. so this song reminded me having some “yummy” things. Thank you the weekend for making this song so I was reminded about having some “yummy” things!

    -goofy man cuddling with a sexy dog

  5. Sexy Dog says:

    This reminded me about me doing my “yummy things” with another woman. Thank you the weekend for reminding me about me doing my “yummy things!”

  6. hi says:

    bro what are these comments lmfao

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