“Medicine” by Jennifer Lopez & French Montana

Succinctly put, “Medicine” is a love song with Jennifer Lopez playing the role one of the lovers. And the person she is singing to is the other. Apparently this romance is just taking off. And while J-Lo is eagerly touting her potency as a girlfriend, at the same time she is cautioning this dude not to underestimate or take her for granted.

This new partner is coming to Lopez possessing a ‘bad reputation’. However, she warns him that she can be more than a handful herself and in fact looks forward to showing him how much so.

That being said, she also cautions dude not to think that ‘he can use her’. She’s basically trying to tell him that her love can easily slip out of his hands. This is seemingly due to her willingness to retaliate, even in public, against being abused. Furthermore, she insinuates that she has been around the block a few times herself, as in she is thoroughly experienced in romance, has options and thus is not a sucker.

Lyrics of Medicine

But after all is said and done, J-Lo is clearly into this guy. In fact perceiving his need for treatment, J-Lo indeed states that she can be his “medicine”. And in the process of serving this role, Jennifer states that she will ‘give him a taste of what he gives out’, which is probably an allusion to his receiving the same love that he provides.

French Montana later comes in to musically fulfill the role of the man in the relationship. He begins his rap by stating how much he feels J-Lo, indeed acknowledging her as ‘his medicine’. Then he highlights some of the adventures they will go on as a couple. But his verse concludes on the theme it is actually centered on the most, which is Young Wepa bigging up himself, including referencing his “drip”.

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