“Panorama” by IZ*ONE

IZ*ONE’s “Panorama” reads like a love song, although there aren’t any overt references to romances. Rather the wording comes off more like a puppy-love type of scenario, although they can also be interpreted as relating to a very-close, platonic friendship between the singer and addressee. And the title, a term derived from the field of photography, is an expression of the singer’s desire to capture, as in value and also remember, this special moment of time with the addressee. Indeed she feels that the bond the two of them have developed, even if they are separated, will last throughout time.

The writers of “Panorama” are as follows:

  • Fab
  • KZ
  • Kang Bee Oh-

The trio above also co-produced the song in conjunction with the trio below:

  • Jayins
  • Nthonius
  • Ji Y. Joon

Music labels Swing Entertainment and Off the Record released “Panorama” on the 7th of December, 2020. It is one of six tracks on IZ*ONE’s EP, which also came out that day, entitled “One-Reeler, Act IV”.

Who are IZ*ONE?

IZ*ONE is a girl band from South Korea. The IZ in their moniker actually translates to the number 12, representing the fact that there are 12 members of the group. And these young ladies, individually, are as follows:

  • Chaewon
  • Chaeyeon
  • Eunbi
  • Hitomi
  • Hyewon
  • Minju
  • Nako
  • Sakura
  • Wonyoung
  • Yena
  • Yujin
  • Yuri

And the ONE in their group name symbolizes that they are in fact a musical unit.

From the time IZ*ONE first hit the music scene in 2018 via their EP Color*Iz, they were an instant success. And throughout the first three years (2018-2020) of their existence they have won numbers awards. These include an Asia Artist Award (Rookie of the Year, 2018), a Gaon Chart Music Award (New Artist of the Year, 2019), three MNET Music Asia Awards (Best New Female Artist and New Asian Artist, 2018Favorite Female Group, 2020) and a Seoul Music Award (New Artist Award, 2019).

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