“Peaches” by KAI

KAI’s “Peaches” is a love song and in that regard somewhat of a rarity, in that we haven’t come across many K-pop tunes that are overtly romantic.

But that being noted, there really isn’t anything unusual or exceptional about the lyrics we’re dealing with here. The singer is comparing the addressee, his sweetheart, to “peaches” which, as you likely already know, is a very sweet, and one may even say attractive fruit. 

That’s a run-of-the-mill metaphor as far as love songs go. And the vocalist further goes on to illustrate, via the usage of other poetic language, that, most simply put, he is in fact smitten.

Thesis Sentiment

 And concerning the thesis sentiment goes, besides firmly and convincingly expressing that affection, Kai is also entreating the addressee to give in to his will, so to speak, and to remain as faithful to him as he is to her.

Lyrics of "Peaches" by KAI
KAI discusses "Peaches"

KAI and “Peaches”

Kai is a product of Exo, one of the most-successful K-pop boy bands currently in circulation. As part of that group he has been professionally active since 2012. And throughout the years Kai has also dropped a few solo tracks that were included on Exo projects, beginning with the 2014 track Deep Breath. However, his first full-fledged solo EP, a self-titled effort, just came out in 2020. 

And the song we’re working on today is actually the title track (of Kai’s choosing) from his sophomore EP, which SM Entertainment released on 30 November 2021. And to note, Kai is concurrently 27 years old.

Also as of the writing of this post, Kai is co-starring on a Netflix reality TV show entitled New World.

As we have pointed out previously, in the world of K-pop they not only have LPs (i.e. full-length albums) and EPs but what are also known as mini-albums, and there seems to be some ambiguity in terms of what constitutes an EP verses a mini-album. For instance, some media platforms are reporting Peaches as an EP, while others are referring to it as a mini-album

The way we have come to understand it is that a mini-album is actually shorter than a standard EP. So for the sake of this blog, a mini-album will be defined as a project with less than six tracks. And considering that the standard playlist of Peaches is in fact six songs, then we will also classify it as an EP.

Interesting to note is that Kai, i.e. the singer’s first EP, was released on 30 November 2020, exactly a year prior to the dropping of Peaches.

The company behind the release of this track is South Korean power label SM Entertainment.


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    so is he basically talking about he adores the girl and wants to be loyal to her?

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