“Mmmh” by KAI

The expression this song (“Mmmh”) is based on actually reads more like mm hmm, or the way Genius documents it on the track’s original Korean page “mm-mhm”. And similar to mm hmm, it basically comes off as sort of an affirmation. And what Kai is approving of is his relationship with the addressee, i.e. his sweetheart. And the way he comes off is like he’s a playa or bad boy or someone like that. But this particular lady has him smitten, and as such he is more than willing to commit to her. Or stated most simply, “Mmmh” is a love song.

At the time of the release of this track, which occurred on 30 November 2020, Kai is best known as a member of a relatively-large South Korean boy band called Exo. He has been affiliated with Exo since 2007. And “Mmmh” happens to be the first track he’s ever dropped as a soloist. And the song is featured on his debut EP, which itself is entitled Kai and was put out by SM Entertainment.

“Mmmh” was written by Junny and an NYC artist known simply as Jane (Watson). And they also produced the track with Keelah Jacobsen and Cameron Jai.

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  1. Jessa says:

    I love this i highly recomend it to people who love to listen to exo and if your bias is kai you should definitly listen to it

  2. Amazing Vocals says:

    Kais vocal ability is absolutely astounding he sounds amazing, the dance moves and the visuals were spot on ! I loved it i highly recommend it to EXO fans or other kpop lovers !

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