“Skit” by BTS

As the title implies this is not a musical piece but actually a skit. However it does not read so much as a skit per se, as in a pre-scripted conversation between the members of the band, as much as it does an impromptu discussion they are having, which happens to have been recorded.

That date upon which they had this convo is reported as 31 August 2020. This was about a week after BTS became the first purely-Korean act to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100, the most-important music chart in the world, via the success of their song “Dynamite“. However, from the looks of things the band didn’t receive the news until around the time this piece was recorded, or it may have been the first time they were able to get together after the announcement. And they use the occasion to celebrate the fact that they have achieved the aforementioned standing by jokingly referring to each other as ‘Billboard No. 1 singers’.

Additionally, they utilize the meeting as an opportunity to wish Jungkook a happy birthday. That likely means that on the Korean calendar the date this discussion took place would have been 1 September, which is his birthday, as opposed to 31 August. And overall the homeys appear to be having a good time, more or less reveling in their success.

But of course with this being BTS they cannot drop a track, even a non-musical one, without imparting some type or philosophical understanding, or in this case we can say a query onto the listener. And the “skit” concludes with RM questioning the concept of happiness. He makes this statement once again in relation to the phenomenal success he and his bandmates are concurrently experiencing. However, it has also been put forth that he is actually more so addressing the listener. But either way you interpret the inquiry, it ultimately leads back to the idea of happiness and success not being all about material achievements.

All seven members of BTS (J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Suga and V) participate in this discussion. And as such they are all credited as writers and producers of the skit.

This is the middle (i.e. fourth) track on BTS’s eight-track project, Be, which came out on 20 November 2020. 

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