“Pick Up Your Feelings” by Jazmine Sullivan 

The addressee of “Pick Up Your Feelings”, Jazmine’s now ex-boyfriend, has really messed up. For on top of trying to present the recent confusion in their relationship as being her fault, it is later revealed to the contrary, he’s the one that’s been “double-dippin’” or, put more bluntly, cheating. Furthermore, to make matters worse, by the looks of things he’s financially dependent on the vocalist.

And as far as her personality goes, there’s two things that can be ascertained from this piece. One is that the narrator is self-confident. Furthermore, she’s not the type of tolerate a man who, as inferred in the second verse, is actually a serial cheat.

So now, the addressee must brace to suffer certain losses. For instance, he will not be allowed to reside in the vocalist’s home any longer. Also, continued usage of her car is a no-no. Indeed, the notion which the title is intended to point the listener to is that of the singer deciding to make a clean, no-looking-back cut with the addressee.

In other words, when she tells him to ‘pick up his feelings’, that’s ultimately a roundabout way of saying that she doesn’t intend to even think about him anymore. Or viewed from a different angle, there’s no need for him to get sentimental, beg her to take him back or anything like that, because Jamie, by the looks of things, has absolutely no desire to deal with him henceforth.

Jazmine Sullivan, "Pick Up Your Feelings" Lyrics

Jazmine Sullivan and “Pick Up Your Feelings”

Jazmine is a singer from Philadelphia who has been professionally active since the mid-aughts and has established herself as an enduring artist on the American R&B scene.  

“Pick Up Your Feelings” was released via RCA Records on 20 November 2020 as the second single from Sullivan’s EP “Heaux Tales” (2021). 

The track did well for itself, peaking at number two Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart, in addition to achieving RIAA-platinum status about a year after its release. But even more impressively, this track took home the trophy for Best R&B Performance at the 2022 Grammy Awards. (Though it should be noted that Jamie shared the award with Silk Sonic and their 2021 outing, “Leave the Door Open“.)

Did Jazmine Sullivan write “Pick Up Your Feelings”?

No. This Grammy-winning song was composed by Brittany Coney, Blu June, Audra Mae Butts, Kxhris and DZL, with the last musician on that list also producing the track.

Pick Up Your Feelings

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