“Feel Me Cry” by Chlöe

It’s been said that when you’re deeply in love with someone, the physical relationship (aka sex) is of next level. Here, we have Chlöe showing exactly that.

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She’s crazy in love with her partner, to the point that she’s choosing to stand beside them even if everyone else is against them. And this crazy love is felt more so during their bedroom adventures, bringing her to “an emotional high”, making her cry due to the sheer pleasure she’s receiving. She ultimately wants her partner to know just how happy they’re making her, especially while making love.

“When you’re holdin’ me tight
And you’re lovin’ me right
My tears can’t hide
I want you to feel me cry
An emotional high
Comin’ down on my thighs
I can’t hold it inside
I want you to feel me cry, baby”

Release Date of “Feel Me Cry”

“Feel Me Cry” is the eighth track on Chlöe’s maiden solo album titled, “In Pieces”. This song was launched on the same day as the “In Pieces” album, which dropped on March 31 of 2023.


The Atlanta-born songstress worked with John Ho to compose and produce this song. For the former task, she received support from the following other songwriters:

  • The Last Artful, Dodgr
  • Blu June
  • Chi Coney

The “In Pieces” Album

This debut studio project is a product of Parkwood Entertainment in conjunction with another powerful record company Columbia Records. This record has been supported by the following singles, which were all released in 2023:

Feel Me Cry

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