Queen’s “Save Me” Lyrics Meaning

“Save Me” by Queen is rooted in a tale of real-life heartbreak. In other words, it is based on the band’s guitarist Brian May’s sad experience of witnessing an actual friend go through a bitter divorce.

In this track, the singer, Freddie Mercury, takes on the role of the person going through this painful breakup. And now he is seeking someone to save him from the life of loneliness he is currently facing.  However, it is not clear if he is seeking such sympathy from his estranged lover or from another person.

Lyrics of "Save Me"

The relationship that is the backdrop of this song started off great alright. In fact the narrator and his honeybun seemed like the “perfect” match. But in the here and now, he finds himself questioning the validity of the whole experience.

Part of his solution is to make an effort to “erase the memories” of his lost love and begin a new relationship. However, he believes that even the realization of this ambition will not fill the hole that has been left in his heart and will ultimately just serve as an act of vanity.

Due to this inner turmoil he is experiencing, the narrator asks for someone to come and “save” him.  But as aforementioned, who exactly he is making this request to is unclear. For instance, he admits that he will never stop loving his estranged wife. So perhaps this song is a plea for her to come back into his life.  However, based on much of the lyrics throughout, a reconciliation does not appear as a realistic possibility. So rather, as alluded to earlier, he can be entreating a new love to come and intervene in the matters of his heart. Either way, what is abundantly clear is that he is actively seeking external, romantic assistance in dealing with his newfound, extremely-worrisome loneliness.

Facts about “Save Me”

  • Brian May composed “Save Me”, in its entirety.  His inspiration for writing the song was bearing witness to the dissolution of the marriage of a close friend. It has been hypothesized that this friend was actually Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury, whose romantic relationship with longtime sweetheart Mary Austin ended in December of 1976 after he revealed to her that he was bisexual.
  • Queen worked with German record producer Reinhold Mack to produce this track.
  • The song was released on January 25, 1980. It was the second single to be released from Queen’s 1980 album titled The Game. In addition to premiering on The Game, this song has also been featured on several other Queen albums. For instance, it appeared on their 1981 Greatest Hits album as well as the album Queen on Fire which was released in 2004. It can also be found on 2007’s Queen Rock Montreal and 2014’s Queen Forever. FYI, The hits “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Another One Bites the Dust” were also released as singles from The Game.
  • “Save Me” holds the distinction of being the first song Queen released in which they used a synthesizer.
  • The music video for “Save Me” was filmed on 22 December 1979 at Alexandra Palace in London. It would be the last music video – until his 1987 solo effort The Great Pretender – that featured a moustache-less Freddie Mercury.
  • This song was sampled by rapper Sheek Louch, formerly of the group the Lox, on his 2003 song “How I Love You”.

 Have any artists covered “Save Me”?

Yes. This song has been covered by a handful of artists, including Kerry Ellis (who sometimes performed it live alongside Brian May). There is also a Spanish rendition of this song entitled “Sálvame” (1996), which was recorded by Colombian-American singer Soraya.

 How did “Save Me” perform on the global charts?

It charted in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway and its native United Kingdom, where it peaked at number-11 on the UK Singles Chart.

4 Responses

  1. Janice Mckinney says:

    I love the song, Brian. Freddie put so much feeling into it. Who ever it was meant for, the magic was real. Miss Freddie so much. Saw y’all in New Orleans before the Covid. It was great. Saw y’all years ago there too. I also went to the bar. Had to check it out.
    As always love and health to y’all. Don’t forget the USA when you start back with your concerts.
    Janice from Panama City, Florida

  2. sims! says:

    every bit of this song gets me and explain my current situation
    it’s scary tbh but i know why it’s my favourite song now.

  3. Linda says:

    Brian himself went through a heartbreaking lost love ..it’s him…it’s Brian ….and it was me I can plead but it will never save me from the hurt…Many start anew some too far from a home.again
    This song defines each of us.. Thank You Brian I’m 81 and remain too far away

  4. Chene says:

    I hang my head, and I advertise, a soul for sale or rent. Brian’s guitar break, the whole song, what power and raw emoition!!!!!!

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