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Save Me by BTS

“Save Me” by BTS

BTS’ ‘Save Me’ is a heartfelt song  about how someone’s love can go a long way in saving a person from the depths of darkness. It expresses the desire to win the affections of someone...

XanaX Damage

“XanaX Damage” by Future

The intricacies of Future’s “Xanax Damage” are a bit-challenging to decipher. But the general theme is more apparent. It would seem that Future is addressing a female friend, as in a romantic partner. And the subject of...

Save Me

Queen’s “Save Me” Lyrics Meaning

“Save Me” by Queen is rooted in a tale of real-life heartbreak. In other words, it is based on the band’s guitarist Brian May’s sad experience of witnessing an actual friend go through a bitter divorce. In...