“Replay” by Golden Child 

Although this song (“Replay”), being a K-pop track and all, is not overtly romantic per se, the logical implication would be that the addressee is the vocalist’s lover or, as more specifically implied, ex-partner. 

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What the title alludes to is his stated desire to, most simply put, have her grant him another chance to be romantically involved with her. And in the process, the vocalist is basically promising the addressee that he won’t display the same types of shortcomings which defined their union in the past.

Along that same vein, there are a bunch of sweet musings going on herein, with the singer lyrically illustrating how much his sweetheart means to him. So on top of the Golden Child boys apologizing, there’s also enough poetic wording pointing to that idea, i.e. that the vocalist is irreversibly smitten by the addressee.

But that said, there isn’t anything particularly deep or compelling about these lyrics, at least not as translated into English.  That is to say that the singer does a convincing job of displaying that his heart will not be content until the addressee is back in his life.

lyrics for Golden Child's "Replay"

Golden Child

Golden Child is a K-pop boy band that has been around since 2017. This particular act is 10 entertainers’ deep, with its members, as of the release of Replay on 8 August 2022, ranging in age from 21 to 27 years old. 

Thus far, Golden Child has dropped a couple of studio albums as well as a number of EPs. This track is actually the lead single from their sixth extended play, a project titled Aura, which was put out by Woollim Entertainment.

You may notice that on the promotional pics for this track, there are only nine members of the crew present. That’s because earlier in the year on of their lot, Daeyeol (who is currently 29), decided to enlist in the military. Listing in the military is mandatory for male citizens of South Korea at some point in their lives from the time they’re 18 until their 35 years old.

As of the date “Replay” was released, Golden Child is made up of the following singers:

  1. Y
  2. Tag
  3. Seungmin
  4. Joochan
  5. Jibeom
  6. Jangjun
  7. Jaehyun
  8. Donghyun
  9. Daeyeol
  10. Bomin

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