“Golden Child” Lil Durk

Lil Durk’s “Golden Child” is a general braggadocious rap song. That is to say that the intent isn’t really to focus what’s being said per se, as it is more or less your standing money-sex-drugs-guns’ type of fare. Rather it is more about the delivery, as in the clever metaphors the rapper uses to get these well-worn ideas across, which all ultimately point to him being on top of the game.

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And of course the term “Golden Child” is one many of us are already familiar with, as it is the name of a movie from Eddie Murphy’s 1980s’ heyday. But as utilized in this song, the ‘gold’ being referred to comes off as being more in the literal sense. Simply put, it is an allusion to Durk’s wealth. And we can safely make this postulation based on the fact that the second verse, in which the titular phrase if used, is primarily based on such a topic.

Lyrics for Lil Durk's "Golden Child"

“Golden Child” Details

This is a track that Lil Durk put out via Only the Family, his own label, in conjunction with Alamo Records on 10 March 2022. It is part of Durk’s album “7220”, which is his seventh studio LP.

“7220” was officially released the day after this song (with “Golden Child” serving as its promotional single). And to celebrate the event, Durk pledged to gift fans $7,200 worth of bitcoin. But he has also clarified that the number “7220” was actually the address of his grandmother, and it was in her house that he came of age.

This track’s music video was produced by an entity known as Jerry Production.

Besides for Durk, the other writers of “Golden Child” are:

  • Ace Redd
  • Kevin Gomringer
  • Tim Gomringer
  • Ivory Scott
  • CuBeatz
  • Hitmaka
  • RealRed
  • YC

The last four names on that list also produced the track.

Golden Child

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