“Revenge” by Pink (ft. Eminem)

As the name implies, “Revenge” captures the emotion of a partner who is furious at the actions of an ex-lover. Although the singer is aware that revenge is not necessarily the solution, she refuses to be silent with the betrayal. Pink gets into a frenzy, imagining all the possible ways in which she could make him pay for all the hurt he caused.

Eminem joins Pink in the second trip of this song and is of the view that there is no point repairing a broken relationship. The song takes a comical turn when it turns out that both parties are equally at fault. Eminem explains that his partner cheated several times but got extremely upset when he does same. Both partners remain unsettled yet interestingly meet each other while driving to their other partners’ home, depicting the intensity of the mess, as well as their desire to get back at each other.

Lyrics Revenge

Pink talks about this Song

Pink, in an interview with UK TV on her collaboration with Eminem, described this song as a funny one. According to Pink, it is a song whose lyrics fans should not take seriously.

She further shed some light on how the collaboration with Eminem happened. According to her, she was able to get the collabo by reaching out to the iconic rapper and confessing her admiration for him.

Facts about “Revenge”

Contrary to what some say, “Revenge” isn’t the first time Pink and Eminem have collaborated. The pair first worked together on Eminem’s 2010 track “Won’t Back Down”. They worked together again on Pink’s 2012 track “Here Comes the Weekend”. So this collabo actually marked the pair’s third time working together.

Pink wrote “Revenge” along with Eminem and two other prolific Swedish songwriters (Max Martin and Shellback). The latter two also worked on the production of “Revenge”. Pink revealed that while writing this song, she took in “a lot of wine”. Probably the reason why she refers to it as a “fun” song and one not to be taken seriously.

October 13th, 2017 was the official release date of “Revenge”. This song was initially supposed to have been released as the second single from Pink’s Grammy Award-nominated album “Beautiful Trauma”. However, it was replaced by the album’s title track.

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