Sam Fender’s “The Borders” Lyrics Meaning

Sam Fender’s “The Borders” has been officially described as “a story of two boys growing up together and then going their separate ways”. But more specifically, we can see that the childhood companion whom the singer is referring to in this song is someone who had a rough upbringing. His mother was so abusive that both he and Sam were afraid of her. And his father deserted them when he was just a baby. Indeed he seems to have held some sort of lasting resentment against the Fender due to the fact that, in contrast, he actually had a committed dad.

And in terms of the present day, it would appear that Sam’s friend has grown to be some type of a bad boy, as in one who engages in random violence and gets in trouble accordingly. Indeed the title of this song refers to a location where said individual assaulted someone with a glass bottle and now has beef with “some naughty family boys”.

But in all, there is a permeating theme of friendship throughout. That is to say that despite being regularly mistreated by his companion, Sam never states a desire to terminate their relationship. Rather he seems to sympathize with what he is going through on a psychological level. Thus insinuating that his personality flaws are a result of coming from a dysfunctional family, even though Sam faced his own challenges coming up also.

Lyrics of "The Borders"

Release Date of “The Borders”

“The Borders” was released on 2 September 2019 in advance of the album its featured on. This album in question is Fenders’ “Hypersonic Missiles”.

Writing Credits

Sam Fender wrote the lyrics for “The Borders”. And the track was produced by his regular collaborator, Bramwell Bronte.

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  1. Andrea watson says:

    This song by Sam fender is actually about me and my son. It is utter [expletive]. He was always at our home. He loved it. The replica gun incident is a bright green small waterpistol and they were 7 playing cowboys. I never ever abused my son. I was and am a great mother and I’m very close to my son. My only child. I never smacked him. I didn’t need to. He was a great kid. Sam was always jealous of Joshua and was a very wingy kid. Mostly brought up by his grand parents. His mother was and still is a strange envious woman with the morals of an ally cat. God I could tell some stories.
    My son has NEVER EVER glassed or bottled anybody. Sam is just pulling him down. The Godmother. Was my good friend and my son’s Godmother. She had a terrible mental illness. She had NO family and me and Joshua were like her family. I introduced Sam’s mother to her . When Sam’s mother and myself fell out. She somehow turned the Godmother against us. With her toxic personality. Resulting in my son being no longer being heir to her late parents considerable wealth. My son was 10. She killed herself 12 months after befriending Sam’s mum. It’s all in the song THE BORDERS. Which is where I moved to with my son when he was 7.

  2. Vicrum smeertash says:

    The original commenter is clearly delusional…. Fact checks on her son

    Let alone breaking into people’s houses, dealing drugs in court on several assault charges….threatening behaviour in a hospital!!So thinking these lyrics are about her… Wouldn’t believe it.
    I’m from kelso, everyone knows Andrea and joshua.

    Pathetic I feel for this artist clearly trying to make money off him.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Obviously very jealous of Joshua who he is singing about, good looking lad and Sam wishes he was a nice as him. His mam definitely didn’t abuse josh. Sam is obviously delusional making shit up for a sh*t song. It why he’s still a nobody

    • Realist says:

      Pffft still a nobody 🤣🤣🤣 – so young josh is famous for his criminal career whereas Sam well just YouTube Sam and see how much of a nobody he is 🤣🤣🤣

  4. monkee says:

    SAM HAs THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL the borders IS AMAZING jealous comes to mind

  5. Realist says:

    Well Amanda, I guess the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree considering your son and you are clearly jealous of the fame and fortune Sam has. Not to mention the fact that he is a talented musician while your son clearly a career criminal – google throws up some interesting stories of court appearances 🤦‍♂️

  6. Bill says:

    Josh and Andrea are scum.
    Andrea has spent her whole life abusing the benefit system claiming every penny she can.
    She has manipuled and abused her son his whole life exaggerating his conditions. Encouraging him to hit people and be a hardman pmsfl. He couldn’t fight sleep.
    He is a wife beater and a junkie with no regard for the law using ADHD etc to his advantage.
    Its always someone else’s fault not his.
    Andrea is poison. A truly rotten person.
    Its her granddaughter I feel for. Sad she has been born into a toxic chaotic life.

  7. F--kthispartyandf--kthissh-t says:

    Snipey borders sh-t
    I guess some of the locals rubbed off on poor Sammy boy and he had to write himself a snipey swipey song
    Needs therapy now poor lad! 😭😭

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