“White Privilege” by Sam Fender

“Whit Privilege” is a song in which Sam Fender is once again criticizing the powers that be, specifically in his native United Kingdom. However, his doing so is ultimately leading back to his take on the concept of “White privilege”.  This term is used to describe the inherent advantage that White people have in certain parts of the world over others. 

This “privilege” is supposed to afford them opportunities that non-Whites do not have access to. And for the most part, Sam seems to be mocking this concept. That is to say that Whites, like other groups of people, are classist.  Thus in reality, the privileged Whites (especially in situations where the population is for the most part White) are actually those on the upper echelons of the financial and social order. And apparently, the singer himself is not from such a background. Thus once again, it appears that the point he is trying to get across is that “White privilege” doesn’t actually extend to all White people. Moreover he seemingly acknowledges at the end of the song that the same historical “evil” which has dominated people’s perceptions of the White race is still very much present.

Lyrics of "White Privilege"

Release Date of “White Privilege”

“White Privilege” is the third song on the playlist of Sam Fender’s debut album, “Hypersonic Missiles”. The song “The Borders” was also released as a single from “Hpersonice Missiles”.

The track (and album) was published by Polydor Records on 13 September 2019.

Writing Credits

Sam Fender wrote “White Privilege”, and the song was produced by Bramwell Bronte.

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