“What Do You Mean” by Justin Bieber

The song covers the inner confusion faced by a guy who perceives that his girlfriend is generally indecisive. The narrator registers the level of his frustration by constantly questioning what she means by certain actions, since they don’t always imply the same meanings.

Justin, in the chorus for instance, highlights the fact that she can’t readily make up her mind and nods affirmatively when she actually means no. This behaviour causes him to remain confused about the status of their relationship. His lover appears to be having an emotional battle on the inside which is causing her to have inconsistent viewpoints, such as wanting to leave and stay at the same time.

In the end he plainly tells her to be more straight-forward and conclusive so he can know his stance and also understand her better.

Justin, prior to the release of the song explained to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show that “What Do You Mean” is about how he thinks girls are flip-floppy, meaning they are indecisive.


Bieber addresses the issue of miscommunication in relationships; a matter mostly caused by women being emotionally inclined while men stick to being logically inclined. The song is mainly based on seeking clarity from a partner.

Lyrics of "What Do You Mean"

Facts about “What Do You Mean”

  • “What Do You Mean” broke the record in 2015 to be the fastest single to reach #1 on iTunes by five minutes.
  • Rapper Kanye West posted on his official page that this song was his favorite song for 2015.
  • The track was written by Justin Bieber in collaboration with Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd and MdL.
  • Bieber produced this song alongside collaborator and co-writer MdL.
  • The song debuted #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the Canadian Hot 100. And fascinatingly enough, it was the 23rd song to begin at number one in the Hot 100’s over half a century history.

On what Bieber album can I find “What Do You Mean”?

 It was released as the third single off Purpose album. Purpose came out in 2015 as Bieber’s fourth studio album.

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