“Sorry” by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” as the title plainly suggests, is a song about asking for forgiveness before it’s too late. The singer admits that he may have made hundreds of mistakes in a relationship and wants to clear the air by apologizing first.

He however, keeps wondering if he’s doing the honorable thing a bit later than he should have done. He depicts his dread of running out of time and chances using the sports terms, referee and shot. It appears Bieber is aware that he disappointed his lover, but is only quick to say sorry when he realizes he has missed her.

The singer also reveals that he may not be the only one at fault in the relationship, and actually wishes that they both apologize to each other.

What Justin Bieber has said about “Sorry”

Bieber has said that the song was mainly meant to be an apology to the world for his numerous scandals. He further revealed that it was partly inspired by a girl, who he confirmed to be his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Lyrics of "Sorry"

Facts about “Sorry”

The song was released on October 22, 2015 as the second single off Bieber’s famed fourth studio album, Purpose.

“Sorry” was written by Justin Bieber along with the following top songwriters:

  • Julia Michaels
  • Justin Tranter
  • Sonny Moore
  • Michael Tucker

BloodPop worked with Skrillex to produce this song

“Sorry” made its debut at #2 on America’s Billboard Hot 100, as Adele’s “Hello” occupied the #1 position. The song however, returned to the #1 position after 10 weeks.

The song remained at #1 in Canada for a total of 7 weeks. In the US, it occupied the #1 position for approximately 3 weeks. In all, it went on to top the charts of thirteen countries.

Regarding its commercial success, it was exceptionally successful. It even became one of the best-selling digital music releases of 2016 after selling over 10 million sales in that year alone.

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