“Soft Aggression” by StaySolidRocky

StaySolidRocky seems to be dealing with two different matters in “Soft Aggression”, or rather let’s say two different types of beef. First and foremost, he obviously has issues with his girlfriend. And secondly he goes about threatening his enemies. And in doing so, he lets them know that if a quarrel were to jump off, he has little reservations about bustin’ shots. 

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But more to the main point, we can also say that he perceives his girlfriend as one of these selfsame enemies. That may be the idea which the title of this song is based on. So to be totally honest, the lyrics of “Soft Aggression” read as if StaySolidRocky is telling his significant other not to mess with him. Despite recognizing her less-than-favorable attitude, if she were to actually play him, he’d probably be forced to let her embrace bullets from his gun.

Did StaySolidRocky write “Soft Aggression”? 

Yes, he did.

What year was this originally released? 

StaySolidRocky officially dropped this song in the second quarter of 2020. This was shortly after being signed to Columbia Records.

This track was one of a trio of singles he dropped in the aforementioned period. The other two are: “Party Girl” and “Toxic“.

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