“Toxic” by StaySolidRocky

This is one of StaySolidRocky’s first-three official singles. And as with the other two, “Toxic” is also centered on a romantic relationship he is in. Indeed it is very much similar to another of those three songs entitled “Soft Aggression”. For as with “Soft Aggression”, in “Toxic” he is threatening his girlfriend in terms of playing him out. Moreover he is also levying threats against any guy that she decides to get with after him. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for StaySolidRocky's Toxic at Lyrics.org.

And apparently, the title of this song actually alludes to the state of their relationship, at least from her perspective. So even though the lyrics are about a singular subject, which is the rapper’s romance, we can say that there are two-different sentiments being relayed. On one hand, it is very much clear that the addressee, that being StaySolid’s girlfriend, is someone he deeply cares about. But on another, it reads as if she did him dirty and broke his heart. And his solution to such an emotion is basically to spaz out.  Therefore for the time being he has more or less decided to put a hold on romance.

When did StaySolidRocky release “Toxic”?

The rapper officially released this song in May 2020. And the release was made possible by Columbia Records. At the time of the track’s release, it wasn’t associated with any StaySolidRocky album. Actually, StaySolid hadn’t released any album as of that time.

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