“Somos Nada” by Christina Aguilera

For starters the title of this song is pretty powerful in and of itself, as “somos nada” actually translates to “we are nothing”. And the lyrics are also quite, shall we say philosophical in their approach. 

This piece is sorta reminiscent of a Beyoncé song in a way, i.e. its motif being centered on the singer comparing herself to a variety of different things, including elements and what have you. Some of these factors, such as “metal” and “glass” or the vocalist presenting herself as “a pendulum between light and darkness”, are meant to point to a concept like a dichotomy. 

And this all reads as if it is Christina’s way of saying that she is strong alright, but she’s also fragile.

Moreover, the vocalist is meant to serve as a personification of the human race, if you will. And her conclusion concerning all of these existential musings is that “we are nothing” yet also “everything” at the same time. 

That said, it would perhaps behoove the listener not to try to make too much sense out of all of this. But what it appears that Christina is asserting, more casually put, is that we, as human beings, are not fragile but somewhat inconsequential. For instance, at the end of the day any of us may die. But our demise wouldn’t stop the world from turning. 

However, it’s not really our delicate physical form which defines us – or something like that. That is to speculate that maybe this is a case where the lyrics would make more sense – for lack of a better word – in the actual language in which they are rendered.

lyrics of Christina Aguilera's "Somos Nada"

Christina Aguilera

As her surname suggests, Christina Aguilera is in fact of Latin heritage, with her dad being from Ecuador. Moreover she grew up in New York City, a metropolis with a prominent Latino population. And accordingly despite most of her songs being in English, Christina has also dropped tracks in Spanish in the past. This includes coming out with an entire LP, Mi Reflego (2000), in said language. Mi Reflego actually earned her the 2001 Latin Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Album.

“Somos Nada”

This track was officially released on 18 November 2021, being a product of Sony Music. And that same day, Christian performed it at the 2021 edition of the Latin Grammy Awards.

“Somos Nada” is part of Christina Aguilera’s ninth studio album. The said project would be her first Spanish album since the aforementioned Mi Reflego. As of the date of release of “Somos Nada”, the album’s title hasn’t yet been revealed.

One of the producers of this track, Federico Vindver, is also credited as its writer. The others are:

  • Mario Domm
  • Sharlene
  • Christina Aguilera 

And the other co-producer is Rafael Arcaute.

Somos Nada

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