“Spirit” by Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s “Spirit” is heavily influenced by the storyline of the Disney classic The Lion King and serves, to some extent, as a summary of the film’s plot. But it takes that story and retells it in such a way as to make the struggles of Simba, the film’s main character, applicable to the real world.

This is truly inspirational song. It weaves the tale of an individual who is prompted by the titular “spirit” to venture out into “that far off land” in search of a glorious image “of paradise”. This to a certain degree reads as if finding that “paradise” symbolizes the fulfillment of his “destiny”.

And along the way, there are life-threatening crises. However, during these times, a supernatural force protects him from being defeated. And ultimately, by remaining steadfast on his journey, he will inevitably realize his calling while simultaneously transitioning from “a boy” into “a man”. This implies that he began this experience in a weakened, timid state. Moreover concerning this “spirit” that is leading him, it is depicted as being from “the heavens”, as in angelic in nature.

So taken outside of the direct context of The Lion King, this story centers on a boy who sets out on a journey to – for lack of a better description – discover himself. In the process of doing so, he risks his life by setting out into uncharted territories where he has to rely on supernatural intervention to survive. But if he is able to endure and heed the calling of his “spirit”, he will reach a magnificent destination (i.e. fulfill his destiny). Furthermore, he will also transcend his boyhood and become a full-fledged man.

Lyrics of "Spirit"

Release Date of “Spirit”

“Spirit”, which was released on 10 July 2019, serves as the lead single on the compilation album The Lion King: The Gift. The entire project was produced with Beyoncé at the helm.

The song is also featured on the actual soundtrack of the 2019 edition of Disney’s famed The Lion King.

The official music video for “SPIRIT” was published on Beyoncé’s YouTube channel on July 16, 2019.

Beyoncé plays Nala

Beyoncé’s involvement in The Lion King extends beyond just making music. She also voices the character of “Nala” in the actual movie. Furthermore, “Spirit” is featured in the film during a “pivotal scene” involving Nala.

Who wrote “Spirit”?

Beyoncé both wrote and produced “Spirit” alongside two musicians on the top of their game, Ilya and Labrinth.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    what is the meaning of be one with the Great I Am in spirit beyonce

  2. Christopher Mellecke says:

    It is much better then “He Lives in you.” From Disney’s The Lion King, Simba’s pride.

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