“Star Shopping” by Lil Peep

On “Star Shopping”, Lil Peep appears to be talking about his relationship with Emma Harris and how he needed more time to prove himself to her. In what seems to be a gradual drift from the relationship, the singer tells Emma who may be losing interest to give him some more time so he works on himself and their bond.

The song begins with the rapper appreciating his partner’s beauty while admitting his flaws and adequacies as a man. He shows that he understands why she may be losing interest and growing impatient, yet assures her that he will do everything possible to make it work. The writer also references how Emma’s friends and family do not like him, possibly another factor causing their distance. The track ends with the narrator asking if she would still be with him when his music career sets sail. He also talks about how music gives him all the comfort he needs when he gets disappointed.

Star Shopping was produced by Kryptik, written by Peep, Kryptic and Yppah. It came out as a single on August 17, 2015.

Who is Emma Harris, the subject of “Star Shopping”?

Emma Rose Harris, popularly known as emmalitarosa on Instagram was now-deceased emo-rapper Lil Peep’s former girlfriend.

The pair are said to have known each other right from the third grade, and grew up together in Long Beach, New York. In 2014, she followed the rapper to California, as they dated on and off again for a couple of years.

A number of Peep’s songs namely Star Shopping, Save That Shit, Nothing to u, Live Forever and Come Around, speak more about their relationship.

Emma was featured in the music clip for Save That Shit. She also served as a video director for two of Lil Peep’s music clips, and made an appearance in the posthumous documentary about the artist titled Everybody’s Everything.

She released a poetry book titled Deeper than the Ocean on September 2, 2019. Her emmalitarosa Instagram account has accrued more than 228,000 followers.

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