“Stay Gold” by BTS

“Stay Gold” is a true love song in which the singers are addressing a romantic interest.  And what they are telling her, as stated metaphorically in the title and the chorus, is to remain the beautiful person that she is. They are making this assertion in two contexts.  First is that they recognize that sometimes the world can be “cold”, as in depressing. And secondly, what it seems they are saying is that even when they fantasize about her they want to be inspired, by her beauty and actions, to have pleasant thoughts. So conclusively, the lyrics are primarily centered on admiring the addressee and encouraging her to remain as is.

Facts about “Stay Gold”

“Stay Gold” was released by BigHit Entertainment and Universal Music Japan on 19 June 2020. It is to be featured on BTS’s 2020 project entitled “Map of the Soul: The Journey”.  Said project is the Japanese version of a highly-successful album they released earlier in the year entitled “Map of the Soul”.

“Stay Gold” is reportedly one of two new songs (in Japanese) to be featured on “Map of the Soul: The Journey”. And as aforementioned it is entirely in Japanese. That may be why it marks one of rare occasions in which none of the members of BTS contributed to its penning. Instead the writers of this particular track are as follows:

  • Arschtritt Lindgren
  • Jun
  • KM-Markit
  • Sunny
  • Melanie J. Fontana
  • UTA

UTA, a musician from Japan and one of BTS’s regular collaborators, also produced the song.

“Stay Gold” also serves as the theme song to a Japanese television series entitled “Rasen no Meikyuu -DNA Kagaku Sousa”.

“Stay Gold” performed phenomenally upon being released. According to the BTS Charts Twitter account, this song topped the iTunes charts in 61 countries. However, according to a news site called The Korea Herald, it accomplished this feat “in more than 80 countries”.

It has also been noted that this marks the first time in music history in which a Korean act topped both the United Kingdom’s and United States’ iTunes charts.

Indeed the US-based Billboard itself dubbed the song “This Week’s Favorite New Music” based on fan votes, which favored this tune by a whopping 84%.

Interesting to note is that Stevie Wonder also dropped a song entitled “Stay Gold” back in 1983 which.

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